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  • Vivacious City Life Vs Boring Country Life Analysis

    Vivacious City Life vs Boring Country Life A rural area is classified as a town with fewer than 1,000 people per 2.6 square kilometers, and surrounding areas with fewer than 500 people per 2.6 square kilometers (“Rural Area”). This means that rural areas have people and buildings that are few and far between. An urban area, on the other hand, has homes and businesses located very close to one another in a small area (“Rural Area”). Cities are filled with more job opportunities, filled with more…

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  • Response To Urbanization

    Introduction The impacts of urbanization are felt not only on a global scale, but on a local scale as well. Specifically, in the recent past, there has been much research on large metropolitan areas and their response to urbanization (Liu 2015). These responses can be measured in various ways: air quality, vegetation health, water quality/management, etc. The responses are far reaching, but more importantly, they are interconnected. For example, air quality is dependent upon the health of…

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  • The Explanation Of The Lamassu: A Horned Lion

    Out of the two Lamassu present at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one has the hooves of a bull while the other one has the paws of a lion. The legs of the bull hooves contains ornate decors on a patch located atop of its knee, just like the patterning seen carved onto the beard of heard. On each…

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  • Metropolitan Museum Case Study

    visitor’s experience. Appropriate height for each piece requires consideration. Additionally, the ambiance and size of the room also hold specific requirements in a museum setting. The Louvre established standards in all of the above mentioned areas. When designing the Met, architects took these aspects into consideration in attempts to build the ideal space. At the Louvre, paintings in the Grand Gallery are displayed by a system of school, chronology, and by size (McClellan, 1994, p. 80).…

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  • Office Space Lab

    the least amount of deflection. The differences and similarities seen in the slopes in Figure 1 are caused mainly by material choice and cross-sectional area. It is clearly shown that material changes the slope of the curve based on the three rectangular beams. All three have approximately the same cross-sectional area and approximately the same area moment of inertia, so the only variable that is changing is the material. This is significant because it shows that material choice has a large…

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  • Triumph Of The City By Edward Glaeser

    This creates a self-reinforcing cycle. The constant demand for expansion places strains on potential imitations such as limited space and the hazardous effects of having such large amounts of people in a restricted area of a city. Cleanliness was and remains to be a constant priority. Cities have made us smarter in the sense that we have created ways to keep places clean despite the constant use and traffic. Glaeser explains that, “In the 1880’s, New York’s streets…

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  • Toronto Case Study

    its high population density and continuously rising cost of living stemming from a high demand for housing, goods, and services. Immigrants and people moving from rural areas will opt to relocate to the suburbs where housing, goods, and services are more affordable [8]. Businesses, realizing the potential for growth in these areas, may choose to relocate to or expand in the suburbs. In Vaughan for example, the services being provided cater to the needs of the family-oriented community as well as…

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  • Urban Psychology

    Although socioeconomic status and pre-K involvement both clearly correlate to kindergarten readiness in urban areas and particularly within Memphis, there are other, larger urban processes at work within the setting of urban Memphis. One of these processes is urban psychology. Urban psychology relates the interactions of the people to their surroundings and how these interactions shape the children. These surroundings for a pre-kindergarten child can include the home environment, which has…

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  • Reflective Essay On Geography

    Fredericksburg to Washington, D.C., which has been used for many year. One thing that has changed is that Fredericksburg started transit busing not too long ago that goes all around the town. The second movement is the impact of immigration in my area. The impact this is making is the development of more Hispanic stores, such as restaurants, grocery stories, and hair salons. VII. Human-Environmental Interaction Relevance Lastly, I noticed the interaction of human-environment and…

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  • Neighborhood Environment

    interact with neighbors, and meet up with friends on a daily basis starting from childhood and continues through adulthood. The setting you see every day will ultimately determine how a large majority of people will turn out in the future no matter if the area is a good or bad one. In a study on Neighborhood Environment “Studies also suggest that factors such as neighborhood unemployment , neighborhoods with high residential…

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