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  • Social Justice In The Gospel Of Luke

    The Gospel of Luke is one of the four Gospels accepted as part of the canon of Scripture. This Gospel is the Gospel that focuses most on social justice and God’s mercy. His Gospel is also the only Gospel that contains the annunciation. Though Luke didn’t witness Jesus’s miracles personally he did sound research and his Gospel is just as accurate as the others. Luke wrote two books in the Bible, The Gospel of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles. He, himself was only present in The Acts of…

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  • The Theme Of The Book Of Matthew

    The Gospel of Matthew 1. Who was Matthew, and why was he qualified to write a book in the Bible? 1. Matthew was a tax collector who became a disciple of Jesus (Strauss, 2011, p. 5531). It is believed that he wrote the book of Matthew. He was more than qualified to write a book in the Bible because “as a tax collector, Matthew no doubt would have been proficient in both Aramaic and Greek” and would have been highly organized. Furthermore, he was one of Jesus’ twelve thus, he knew Jesus personally…

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  • Foundation Of The Canon Analysis

    The Foundation of the Canon Almost 1,982 years ago Joshua (whose name means Yahweh is salvation ) was crucified. Since that time a substantial amount of writings both, canonical and non-canonical were written about Him and His teachings. I learned in the past that there are certain qualifications that have to be passed in order for a writing to be considered canon and placed in the New Testament of the bible, however when looking back through history I see something quite different has…

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  • New Testament Covenants

    A Journey Through the Covenants: Exodus, Deuteronomy, Hebrews “If there is a single most important theological structure in the Old and New Testament, few would disagree that it must be the covenant. Both the Old and New Testaments weave their theology on the loom of history with the thread of the covenant” (Walton, 10). While the Old Testament and New Testament share many unifying values, it is important to look at how Jesus’ death and resurrection altered and further developed certain…

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  • Why Do We Need To Be Plowed?

    However, I believe that many of us have forgotten this fact when it comes to the Word of God and someone’s heart. As I read Matthew 13 the parable of the sower, I see that a person’s heart is like the earth. It can be hard and full of rocks, thorns and weeds that hinders the Word of God from growing and produce a crop in someone’s life. For this reason, we as believers…

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  • The Jesus I Never Knew Summary

    Review of Philip Yancey’s The Jesus I Never Knew In The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey’s unpretentious and unbiased examination of Jesus’ earthly walk, it is almost as if Mr. Yancey is interviewing Jesus himself. He candidly shares his personal doubts, fears and preconceptions from his own American twentieth century fundamental Christian upbringing, but attempts to set all that aside and look at the historical evidence available from several perspectives. With his unique journalistic…

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  • Johannie Epistle Analysis

    Student Name Fayez Alfayez Intertextual Connection between Johannine Epistle and the Gospel of John Introduction The gospel of john and the Johannie espistle are both have written by the same author, even though there are different opinion about who wrote gospel of john and the Johannie espistle there are various facts and many evidence shows and approve they both have written by same author which is John and we do not forget that John is the disciple of Jesus. With that assumption, it is…

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  • The Muppet Christmas Carol: Movie Analysis

    Traces of religious messages can be found just about everywhere in life. Sometimes it requires a finely tuned ear to fully grasp or understand them; however, this is not the case with The Muppet Christmas Carol. There are explicit references and plot lines that directly relate to biblical themes. Two very prominent themes in this movie that can be found in all four New Testament Gospels are: help those in need when possible (stewardship), and forgiveness. Stewardship is seen when Scrooge is…

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  • Forgiveness In The Sunflower By Simon Wiesenthal

    To Forgive or Not Forgive, That is the Question Throughout the New Testament of the Bible, Christians are constantly reminded of the importance of forgiveness. Mathew 6:15 states: “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” (KJV). In other words, a person cannot expect to be forgiven by God if that person does not forgive others. When it comes to forgiving those that I love, I do not have a difficult time forgiving them, and this is probably…

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  • Essay On Wisdom In The Bible

    Wisdom The word wisdom can be found over 200 times in the Bible, with prominent reference in the book or Proverbs (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). Throughout the New American Standard Bible, wisdom can be found in several variations, typically seen as a verb or an adjective. The Hebrew translation of wisdom is typically seen as chakam. Chakam is Biblically used to be wise, act wisely, instruct or teach wisdom, to be made wise, to make wise, or to show ones wisdom (Blue Letter Bible, 2012).…

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