Jesus Authority In Greek

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Every disciple of Christ is called to grab the baton of the Great Commission, and run with it. It is definite that Jesus’s disciples should live with the Mission of God attached to their lives; because it is God’s command to go into all the world and make disciples.
Let 's begin; the mantle of the Great Commission in the Gospel of Matthew is in chapter 28 verse 18, which says, “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” A word that should highlight the eyes on the reader is ‘authority.’ Authority in Greek is exousia which literally means, power of authority, influence, and of right privilege. Jesus has given His disciples power, influence, and the privilege (special right or benefit)
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And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” This mandate is an authoritative order or command that comes from Jesus. Moreover, Jesus gave this order in the place called “Galilee of the Gentiles.” Jesus was in a region where His disciples were called to people whom God wanted to reach. To whom is God sending you? Looking into Matthew 28: 18-20 what is the essential of these scriptures? Go or make disciples? “Go” in Greek is poreuo which means, lead, carry over, to pursue the journey on which one has entered to continue one’s journey. “Make disciples” in Greek is matheteuo meaning, follow precepts, instructions, to teach, and instruct. It happens to be both words in Greek are verbs. Come on English majors. What are verbs? Verbs are action words or words that describe action. The essential of Matthew 28: 18-20 are both “go” and “make disciples.” How can one make disciples when there was no command to go? The gun shot is when the starters know when to take off. How can someone go when there is no goal in sight (a race will be pointless without a finish line)? It takes action to fulfill the Great Commission. Is this command active in front view or attached to a

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