Differences And Similarities Between The Gospels Of Mark And Thomas

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Even though the Gospels of Mark and Thomas were written in different times of Christianity, Jesus is still portrayed in both. The Gospels’ various depictions of Jesus’s roles and representations emphasizes how it important to examine differences in society as history brings upon new knowledge and acceptance of Christianity and Jesus’s part in it.. As just a few hundred years elapse, one sees the differences and similarities between the roles of Jesus written in the Gospels of Mark and Thomas. Being the first Gospel written, Mark illustrates a more divine image of Jesus as early Christianity was about finding fulfillment in the ministry of Jesus. Mark utilizes other characteristics which bring out the special superiority of Jesus. An atmosphere of awe and overtakes the gospel, telling of a more than ordinary human being, Jesus. When he calls the first disciples, they follow without question, no explanation being given or needed; they seem simply to be drawn by his personality (Mark 1:18-20; 2:14). When he sends the disciples to commandeer a mount, they depart without question and the …show more content…
Both emphasize the divinity that Jesus has in relation to God, regardless of being shared with Man or not. Jesus taught either of loving God/ caring for others or gaining wisdom/understanding the present, even though Jesus was viewed as more of a guide than a teacher in Mark, as Jesus presented ways for one to behave as a Christian; while in Thomas, Jesus made everyone question the ways of the Christian to make them gain the knowledge themselves and applying it to their present lives. Jesus also used parables to describe his teachings and courses of actions in both the Gospels, both gospels describe how only those, who purely follow Jesus and his wisdoms and take the effort to comprehend the knowledge given to them, will understand the meanings of his

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