The Gospels Of Mark And Jesus Analysis

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Even though the Gospels of Mark and Thomas were written in different times of Christianity, Jesus is still portrayed in both. The Gospels’ various depictions of Jesus’s roles and representations emphasizes how it important to examine differences in society as history brings upon new knowledge and acceptance of Christianity and Jesus’s part in it.. As just a few hundred years elapse, one sees the differences and similarities between the roles of Jesus written in the Gospels of Mark and Thomas. Being the first Gospel written, Mark illustrates a more divine image of Jesus as early Christianity was about finding fulfillment in the ministry of Jesus. Mark utilizes other characteristics which bring out the special superiority of Jesus. An atmosphere …show more content…
When he sends the disciples to commandeer a mount, they depart without question and the owners respond without hesitation (Mark 11:1-5). Jesus’s excellence attracts many to believe in Christianity as “teaching that is new, and with authority behind it” (1:27), and “even the wind and the sea obey him (Mark 4:41)” Mark describes Jesus’s power through the emphasis of nature, an uncontrollable phenomenon, following his command. His miracles thrill the unsure citizens as “they were all astonished, and praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this (2:12), and “they were utterly and completely dumbfounded (6:51).” The awe and astonishment are, of course, at the cures worked by Jesus. Another very common description of Jesus is 'the son of man '. This saying leads into the Transfiguration, when Jesus is already seen in the glory which will be his. It is a presage of the final judgement: they “will see the son of man coming with great power and glory. And then he will send the angels to gather his elect from the four winds (Mark 13:26-27).This foretelling of the persecution of Jesus ' community in the world, ending with their liberation by the son of man. One

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