Compare And Contrast The Gospels

The four Gospels in the bible are accredited to four writers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The gospels were split into two groups, which consisted of the synoptic Gospels and John’s gospel. The synoptic gospels consisted of Matthew, Mark and Luke’s gospels. The reason for this was because of the difference between the writings. The synoptic gospels were considered similar, but John did not really contain the same similarities that the other three writings had in common. The two works that I am going to compare are Mark’s gospel and John’s Gospel. First off, the gospels all sought to do the same thing, which was to detail and explain the life and death of Christ. The reason for writing four of them is simple. Each writer had his own distinct …show more content…
The first similarity they have is that both gospels’ order of events is relatively related. Specifically, when Jesus was crucified on the cross there were two other people next to him (Compare and Contrast John and Matthew 's Passion Narratives). Also the removal of Jesus to the Tomb is consistent in both gospels (Compare and Contrast John and Matthew 's Passion Narratives). Another similar element in these two gospels is the reference they make to the Old Testament (Compare and Contrast John and Matthew 's Passion Narratives). In Matthew, the New Testament is quoted 45 times; while in John it is quoted 14 times (Palmer, Ken). A particular difference that these two gospels have is that in only John the quote the “King of the Jews” is mentioned (Compare and Contrast John and Matthew 's Passion Narratives). Another major difference between the gospels is the way in which the authors try to explain Jesus’ teachings (Palmer, Ken). In Matthew, he primarily used sermons and parables to explain Jesus’ teachings, while John’s gospel was similar to a conversation (Palmer,

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