Redemption In The Gospel Of Mark

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Everyone needs Jesus in their life. We are all sinners, but the son of God, Jesus came to free us from all sin redeeming us. Throughout the life of Jesus Christ, he redeemed people through words, actions and relationships.

Throughout the Gospel of Mark it gives you an understanding of Jesus 's life, death and resurrection. The Gospel of Mark is the life death and resurrection in about 50-70 AD. Probably written to early persecuted Christians. It was the purpose due to the fact that the Christians were being punished and killed in Rome. Written in the tone of urgency by the apostles of Peter 's secretary. Throughout the Gospel of Mark it explains the life death and resurrection of Jesus. Also explaining how Jesus redeemed people through his words, actions and relationships.

In the Gospel of Mark Jesus redeems people through his words. In the Story of "The Rich Man" Mark 10:17-31, is a story about a wealthy man who went up to Jesus asking how he could inherit eternal life because he knows all the commandments. In response Jesus said to the man that he was lacking and one thing and so he told him to give all his things to the poor and to follow him. At hearing this the man face fell into sadness and walked away indignant. In Mark 11: 12-14 Jesus curses a fake tree due to his hunger saying
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Fore example, in Mark 9:38-41, Another Exorcist the disciple John had went up to Jesus telling him that a person was driving out demons in the name of Jesus, but Jesus said that to let him be because there is no one who performs a mighty deed in his name. In addition, the story of The coming of the son of Man, Mark 13:24-27, states when the Son of Man will come and send out the angels and gather his elect from the four winds. The first story shows redemption in relationships is how he treats everyone equal no matter what. Especially those to follow him like the Exorcist or even the son of man if it is

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