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  • Social Work Practicum Placement

    I have always felt the most fulfilled when I was helping others. I began college as a Psychology Major and planned to become a therapist. Following my first year of college, a Marriage and Family Therapist informed me about the social work profession, and told me that I could be a therapist with a Master’s in Social Work degree that could be completed in one year of graduate school. I decided to investigate Social Work and enrolled in an introductory course. The Introduction to Social Work…

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  • My Journey To Become A Registered Nurse

    When I first decided that the field in which I was working, Early Childhood Education, was not what I felt passionate about, I decided to reevaluate my life goals. As soon as I chose to adventure on the path to becoming a Registered Nurse many doors opened. I finally felt like I had made the right decision that becoming an Registered Nurse and taking care of patients was my purpose in life. All of these “doors” made it feel like God was telling me “Yes this is for you.” With that I applied to…

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  • Additional Support Needs

    There is a wide range of professional support services for people with additional support needs. An important one is social workers; they help people with their problems and look after their welfare. This proves essential for people with additional support needs particularly children and young adults who need extra support. Whilst working with the individuals and families they also "serve as liaisons between different institutions to assist patients and collaborate with other health…

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  • Generalist Practice Essay

    To become a successful social worker, people need to have a better understanding of how things work. According to the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), social work is described as promoting the well-being of individuals and community’s through the “quest for social and economic justices, the prevention of conditions that limit human rights, the elimination of poverty, and the enhancement of the quality of life for all persons” (2008, p.1). An important method that overtime was integrated…

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  • Friedrich Nietzsche And Slave Morality

    subalterns under ruler’s control. Nietzsche portrayed Christianity as part of this popular morality. However, it can be applied to such minorities that continue gathering strength and organizing them to reach or gain more power aiming to reduce the master morality groups. Several examples of slave morality expression are the women’s equal rights, African Americans campaign against racism, Hispanic legalization issues and so forth. Nietzsche even used qualifiers to determine how Slave Morality…

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  • Neonatal Nursing Essay

    Neonatal Nurse are known to help with different kind of babies who are suffering with different health problems. Neonatal Nurses care for babies that are normal. premature, have illnesses, birth defects and they work in the NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Units). Neonatal Nursing was founded in California, 1984. The career of Neonatal Nursing is about making decisions and being able to manage to help babies that are at high risk. Neonatal Nurses, are here to lower the risks of young babies and…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Financial Manager Essay

    Part One: Why I Want to Be a Financial Manager I want to be a financial manager when I am older. It is a job that interests me and seems like something that will be enjoyable because of my high interest in it. I have been good with numbers and math my whole life, so I feel that this job would suit me perfectly. There is just something about business that makes me want to go into it when I am older. There is plenty to know about a financial manager. I got a ton of information from the…

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  • Dental Assistant Personal Statement

    APPLICANT ID #: Being raised as a young child by illegal immigrants, my parent stressed the importance of getting an education on a daily. I watched my parents struggled for years until they were able to get on their feet. My mother would work worked multiple low skilled jobs just to food on the table while my father learned the HVAC skills. They would also stress to me that they never want me to struggle has hard they had to in life. Their motto was “Education is the key to success in life”.…

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  • My Understanding Of The Social Work Profession

    “Social workers save just as many lives as doctors do.” Those are the words that a wise professor said at my sisters graduation at USC while she earned her MSW. Those words have been engraved in my mind because I firmly believe that social workers have the ability to not only change the world but save it as well. In addition, my understanding of the social work profession is that it is a service to humanity while assisting others and putting their needs before your own. It’s about social…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In The Beauty Industry

    I subscribe to the saying that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I carry this quote with me daily to ensure that I am clear on my vision for my personal and professional life and that I am taking the necessary steps to see this vision manifest. At a young age, I knew that my passion about had to be the driving force behind my career goals. My greatest passion is developing people. The beauty industry is the outlet for my passions. I enjoy talking and showing people how to apply makeup…

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