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  • Master Of Social Work

    I decide to spend as much time as I can with my daughter, I plan on having a part time job in order to have a foot in the door once I decide to become full time. Another thought that I have been considering is continuing my education by pursuing a Master of Social Work (MSW). There are several Universities that I have been considering. If I were to apply, I will apply to USC, UCLA and Cal State University Los Angeles. It is very possible for me to continue my education to get an MSW because…

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  • Positive Effects Of Social Work

    At the age of seventeen, I saw my friend get backhanded by her boyfriend simply because he wanted to leave a concert and she wanted to take a picture with the band. My night was ruined by what I witnessed, but more so my life and hers were changed that night. She went on to marry this boy that within a few months of dating had become abusive and controlling. Our lifelong friendship was cut short because in what turns out to be a typical move, the abuser isolated her from those that loved her and…

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  • Statement Of Master Degree In Social Work

    A master degree in social work will help me to promote human and community well-being. A master degree will also help me to prevent the conditions that limit human rights and the enhancement of better lives for the all population Positive social change becomes a reality when an individual adheres to…

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  • ENCP 6000: Career Goals

    ENCP 6000, Section## Career Goals Joshi, Prerana Avinash My persistent inclination towards technology influenced me to pursue my undergraduate curriculum in Electronics Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. During my studies I was intrigued by the stupendous pace at which telecommunications industry has evolved and transformed our lives. In order to be a part of this development process and to pioneer the next generation of networking…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Lawyer

    After obtaining my masters, I plan to continue off to law school where I will receive my Juris Doctor. Even though having a law degree will open many doors, having an MBA opens so many more. However, I would not be selfish with my success. The latter part of my plan involves…

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  • Reflection On Senior Practicum

    It’s hard to believe that I am six weeks into my senior practicum especially when it feels like I was just walking in nervous yesterday. I received my first visit from my field instructor this week and I believe it went really well. I am glad that my supervisor is impressed with what I have accomplished. I am also glad that my field instructor was impressed with Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab. I have learned a lot in six weeks about my agency and I know there is still more to learn as my…

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  • Social Worker Goals

    1) My journey to becoming a social worker began when I was making my decision to purse an undergraduate degree. In high school I knew that I wanted to work in the human services field. I have seen myself as being empathetic and compassionate from a young age, and always saw myself in a helping role. I was interested in clinical work, helping individuals and families. Choosing between different fields of helping professions, I knew that becoming a social worker was going to be my destiny. Other…

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  • Masters Degree

    Getting a Masters degree is an aspiration of many that opens up the doors to a higher level of knowledge and understanding; elevation of self worth; better employment opportunity; higher income potential; and more. It is a pillar that solidifies a person 's dedication, credibility and knowledge through his/her hard work. Thus one of the key issue in consideration for a Masters degree is choosing the appropriate field of study that will complement the social, professional and personal…

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  • What Does Knowledge Is Power Mean To You Essay

    Growing up I was always taught education is the key to success and happiness. Along the way many of my past teachers have always used this quote in class to instill in me the value of education, and how far a journey it can take you if you just believe in yourself the quote as it states: “knowledge is power”. That quote, simply just speaks for itself. To me it simply means get an education in a career that you love, and there is nothing you can’t do. My parents as well taught to make sure that I…

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  • The Social Work Profession

    residents, who exhibit resiliency through the struggles with a traumatic brain injury. The University of Southern California’s masters of social work program will offer me the opportunity to emphasize on the area of concentration and utilize my critical thinking skills. Sequentially, the masters of social work degree will broaden my horizons and assist me in acquiring certification to counsel as a practicing social…

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