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  • The Theme Of Emotions In Tim Burton's Films

    someone with a childlike mentality is the main character. This makes the audience want to care even more. Tim Burton has accomplished how to use close-up, long shots, and color contrast to portray an emotion. For example, in the movie Edward Scissorhands, for example, when Peg found Edward Burton made the audience feel scared for her as she walked up the long dark staircase. Tim…

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  • Personal Narrative-TAPPA, Let's Go !

    confusion. “Where am I?” I thought. Suddenly, my brain processed my surroundings, and my eyes focused on the view ahead of me. As soon as my head was in the right mind, I saw Fantasia in front of me, Hilary besides me, the huge fish net looking net set up high held, with two poles, in front of me, and my coaches along with the other teammates were waiting on the sidelines. “You can do it!” someone hollered instantaneously from the benches. Once I heard the scream, I turned my head quickly to…

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  • Transformation In Ginger Snaps

    Medium close up. This shot is exactly the same as shot number 2, except that it can be categorized as a reaction shot from Ginger as she slows down and realizes how frantic she was; however, she soon aggressively speeds things up again that ultimately leads to fear and anxiety from Jason. These last three shots are rather slow placed relative to the rest of them because…

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  • Camera Techniques In Wizard Of Oz

    remains huge because of the continuous aerial perspective which is keeping the background visible as it gets even smaller and more hazy in the left third. In the extreme long shot, it shows Dorothy’s house in comparison to Munchkinland as it takes up the entire left third. This gives the audience perspective on how huge the house is in relation to Munchkinland. Without the emphasis on the rule of thirds, it would be challenging for the audience to appreciate that in Oz, size is one of the…

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  • My Mom's Best Friends

    I wasn’t happy with that suggestion since I really wanted to go on the blow up slide, but I had not wish to be rude, so I reluctantly replied with “ok.” As we went around the festival all I could think about the blow up slide, sure the other rides were fun, but I was convinced that the slide will be so much better. The closer and closer we got to the slide, the harder and harder it became to hold…

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  • Hamlet Opening Scene Analysis

    Campbell Scott, Lisa Gay Hamilton, and Jamey Sheridan, and directed by Campbell Scott and Eric Simonson. This version of Hamlet that we watched in class gives its own twist and darkness that the story needs. The opening shot of the movie is a close up of many different statues and their faces, then the camera focuses on a statue of Hamlet, which would be considered an establishing shot. An establishing shot is often a long shot or series of shots that sets the scene, so therefore the shots of…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Death Of My Father

    grew up with only girls surrounding me and, well you can imagine how that didn 't do wonders for my masculinity. At all! Although it wasn 't all bad, one of the upsides to having girls constantly around you is that you learn from a young age how to treat women correctly. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best of experiences in primary school, I was bullied for the fact I was more feminine than masculine, I was bullied for all my friends beings girls, I was bullied because I never stuck up for…

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  • Michael Almereyda Hamlet Comparison Essay

    How do the plays of Shakespeare change when they are adapted for screen? Michael Almereyda’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet transposes one of Shakespeare’s most notable tragedy in modern day Manhattan, setting the framework for a modern retelling of the story. The use of “ complex array of media technologies, genres and practices” introduces the over arching theme of entrapment and imprisonment in the capitalist society thatHamlet resides in, immersing the narrative in a world of…

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  • Cep Classroom Observation

    Each student at the end of each class would show Mrs. Whitelaw in the different TA’s what they completed that day and after each class. If the students completed the right amount of work, had good behavior, and displayed kindness they would be moved up on the ladder. Once they reach the top of the ladder they would receive a ticket that would go towards a raffle that happened every Friday for them to receive a reward. This is a great way to positively reinforce acceptable behavior from the…

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  • DSS Decision Making

    Figure 4: DSS Decision Report Correspondingly, there are other ways IT utilizes to make decisions other than GDDS, AI, and DSS. To begin with, Geographical Information System (GIS) can be used to support decision-making by working with spatial information. Expert systems utilize AI systems but apply reasoning abilities to derive conclusions. Neural networks, on the other hand, use an intelligence system, which can study and differentiate patterns. Lastly, genetic algorithms still use the AI…

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