Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Coke

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Coke 's Pros. Coca Cola has received a lot of supports from consumers from the day it was introduced until now. Thank to the strong brand image and powerful advertisements and marketing capability, Coke is always the first choice for consumers. Moreover, Coke has a long history where everyone can trust the product. There are many reasons why so many people like drinking coke. First, is the fizzy feeling taste people get from drinking coke. Second, people can feel like they had restored energy from drinking one can of coke because one can of coke is loaded with sugar. Third, some foods such as pizza, fast food, other oily foods cause people to have a hard time digesting and coke would be their first choice to drink to help with digesting. Some just like coke because of it refreshing taste and it adds a taste of thirst to everything that goes with Coke.
Last but not least, adults, especially parents would feel comfortable letting their children drink the product because of their trust in Coke brand.
Coke 's Cons. First of all, 20- ounce bottle of Classic Coke contains 39 grams of sugars and consumers are totally unaware of its danger.
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In a competitive market, brand recognition and reputation can help to influence a decision of customers. Mostly, consumers tend to purchase products from a company that they are familiar with instead of compare to other alternatives. A strong brand could help to increase the value of the product and company in a market, according to Lauren and Media ( Lauren & Media). Moreover, Coca- Cola has gain a large customer base from the beginning it was first

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