Case Study Of Coca-Cola Company

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Coca Cola is a multinational company which is basically an American company. A headquarter of this company is in mid town Atlanta, Georgia. It is the leader of non- Alcoholic beverage market in the world. It works in approximately in 200 countries. The main products of the company are:-
Diet coke
• Fanta
• Max Keith
• Minute maid
• Orange juice
• Green tea
It provides its products in soft drinks, syrups, and ready to drink powder form.

Fig. Beverage industry of Coca Cola

Further it divides market in different segments:-
• Non- Alcoholic and sports beverages
• In home and out of home consumption package
• Age wise segmentation
• High levels consumption and low levels consumption.
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Same things happen in the case of Unilever. To bring into play quality operations, company needs a sound organization that guarantees creativity, skill, and learning. That is why; there is need for considering these four prospective of the balanced score card namely, Financial, Customer, Operations, and Organizational. 4 Customer encounter procedure is to have an unmistakable client centered vision that you can speak with your association. The simplest approach to characterize this vision is to make an arrangement of explanations that operate as managing …show more content…
Provide first aid kit on every department.
• There should be proper risk management and prevention from noise pollution.
• Maintenance of proper code of conduct at the work.
• There should be proper arrangement of giving training to employees regarding health and safety.
• Provide protective clothing and equipment at work to employees
• There should be a health and safety department in the organization.
It is the duty of every employer to maintain risk management. Firstly, he has to done risk assessment in the work place. It helps to identify the main hazards during the work and what are methods and techniques helps us to reduce them. The statement which is prepared for it is safety statement. We have to follow provisions of The Health and Safety Authority while doing this task. The main duty of the employers to give reports regarding accidents which can force the employees to take three or more than three days leave to the Health and Safety Authority.
For making code of conduct, the performance of the employees has been measure. The main ethics which are used in company

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