Australian Coca-Cola Company

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Coca-Cola and Its Operations in Australia:
First producing its namesake soda in 1886, the Coca-Cola company is the largest beverage company in the world today. An average of 1.9 billion servings of their beverages are consumed in more than 200 countries every day (Coca-Cola Company, n.d.). The Coca-Cola Company is a “global business that operates on a local scale.” In their countries of operations, they often grant franchises to bottling partners who finalize production, package, and distribute their products in the operating country. In Australia, that bottle partner is Coca-Cola Amatil (Coca-Cola Australia, n.d.). Coca-Cola was an unknown product when it entered the Australian market in 1937, 51 years after it was introduced in the United
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Less than a decade ago, 70% of Australian teenagers had drank Coca-Cola in the previous four weeks. In 2015, that number was closer to 50% of Australian teenagers. The company is attempting to change its product mix by introducing Coke Life with stevia instead of sugar and by investing in water and juices to combat this shift in consumption tastes, but the company has not found its solution yet (Hatch, 2017; Knight, 2015). However, despite those struggles, Coca-Cola Amatil still employs 14,000 individuals for its operations (Coca-Cola Amatil Limited, 2016). This is approximately 13.96% of Coca-Cola global employment of 100,300 associates. Including bottling partners, Coca-Cola employs over 700,000 people globally (The Coca-Cola Company, n.d.). In a sign of good growth, the stock price of Coca-Cola company has risen over the last year by approximately 10% from $41.36 to $45.46 (The Wall Street Journal, …show more content…
They have significant goodwill with their consumers which has sustained their company as the global culture shifts into a more health conscious mindset. Although, the Coca-Cola Company is not oblivious to the shift in culture values. Therefore, they have created more healthy drink brands and healthier versions of their classic Coke. Even with the increase in healthy values, Coca-Cola is still considered a globally desired brand with brand recognition nearly across the globe. While certainly a mature brand, Coca-Cola does not show signs of being a declining brand. Their powerful marketing that inspires consumers to think of happiness and creating family memories is just one of the reasons that Coca-Cola retains its positive image worldwide. By associating Coca-Cola with the creation of happy memories, they are influencing consumers to think of joy when they think of Coca-Cola. Health conscious consumers may be less inclined to consume soda, but globally Coca-Cola is still a strong brand (Knight, 2015; Coca-Cola Amatil Limited,

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