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  • Mirror, Mirror Exhibition Analysis

    Mirror, Mirror exhibition is a great idea for artists to showcase their work to the great city of York. Laure Drogoul, a Baltimore artist, had an open call for artists to represent themselves to the viewers and illustrate how artists saw themselves. The Marketview Arts allows an opportunity by having different exhibits throughout the year, so that regional artists can have their work seen by the public. Works in the gallery were chosen from the Philadelphia Sculptors organization. Mirror, Mirror…

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  • Mary Cassatt Analysis

    the house, and the women would do as the husbands demanded. Knowing this gave me an advantage in interpreting the picture even further. What exactly was the artist trying to express to the audience? This led me to break down the painting into individual structural components to help me understand what I was looking at. The lines the artist used are a cross between both straight and curving line segments that are used throughout the entire painting. A consistency of straight lines are used…

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  • Van Gough's Influence On Art

    Artists, even if seen in a different light from other forms of celebrity, are still prominent figures in culture. Each of their histories creates their individual artistic personality. Van Gough’s art for instance is most likely seen through the framework of his sufferings. How does knowing that Van Gough killed himself change his works? This is truly a question that can only be answered in the mind of each individual viewer. The list of instances and examples of illicit artists is long and…

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  • Wacom Intuos Tablet Case Study

    Digital artists are one of the most common kinds of creators to use a Wacom Intuos tablet to draw breathtaking masterpieces to either sell or show. It’s portable, fast, and easily put together. Masahiko Yamada the president of the Wacom company, launched off his first new product called the "WT-460M", small-sized tablet in 1986 and more and more products were made to help artist increase their creativity in art as well as do work on their tablet but that depends on the brand. The Wacom Intuos…

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  • Hip Hop Fashion's Effect On The Economy

    graffiti art, music, or dance and fashion. Hip hop dancing is one of the better ways of one’s self-expression because of how easily it is to communicate with others through dancing. Along with hip hop dancing, what the hip hop artists wear is a major aspect in becoming who the artist is or what they represent. Fashion can come in many forms. From clothing to technology, hip hop fashion has a positive effect on the economy with a financial gain. Hip hop fashion has swept the nation and has…

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  • Reflective Essay On Hip Hop

    something I grew up around, but wasn’t interested in. Most of the people that listened to rap in high school were the more popular kids, so I didn’t think there would be anything I could relate to and stayed away. All I consumed was the stuff on the radio. College changed my rap consumption though. When I was on campus, I found that I was having more and more free time, so I wanted to try out this thing so many from my past loves so much. When I finally starting to listen to rap, it opened up a…

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  • Tupac The Importance Of Consciousness Analysis

    to how conscious the artist is and do you understand the lyrics? Walking into class I am not thinking about which artist has the best pace, to me it is about the consciousness of the words. It is about books such as Prophets of Hood and Cant Stop Wont Stop that bring understanding to the world of consciousness of the hip-hop world. And at the end of it all, we all ask ourselves, does rap make you conscious? To make changes, you need to be conscious in your actions. Artist Tupac did…

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  • The Black Community: W. E. B. Du Bois

    injustice but all groups of black people participated to cope with the American apartheid system. A lot of black artists used music, visual and performing arts as a political function and an aesthetic purpose.…

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  • Analysis Of Candy Apple Chick II By James Gill

    woman looking up, repeated three times along the top 1/3 of the canvas. She is surrounded by a flat but loud orange, trimmed in a rich blue. The remaining 2/3 of the canvas is the lower half of a woman from her shoulders down, stepping out of a car. This portion of the image is sectioned off in the shape of a rectangle, and flooded with a blue-green. It is surrounded by the same orange as the portraits above it. All of the subject matter was done in graphite pencil. Artist: James Francis…

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  • Analytical Essay On Renaissance Art

    realistic compared to the art of the Middle Ages. Throughout the Middle Ages, art remained more religious. Renaissance artist perceived art in many different ways. For example, they would study how the way things look when they were nearby an object or from at a distance. The artist of these times made it obvious by displaying the two differences in their paintings. Many artists during this era painted religious paintings, but they were not the same. While the middle Ages, primarily focus on…

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