Enpamado Beverage Company Case Study

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Enpamado Beverage Company has been in operation for 6 years providing its customers with non-alcoholic beverages. The company is located in Richmond city in Florida State in the United States of America. The success of Enpamando can be attributed to the sale of 100% natural fruit juice beverages. This has assisted the company in raising its sales revenue by 20% each year. The company has been able to open 50 store outlets in Richmond City and focuses on expanding to other regions of the US. This year, the company targets gross sales of $980,000.

Following the continuous growth in its profitability, the company is now planning to expand its product line by coming up with the first energy drink named Enplus energy that will sale
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The company focuses on selling the energy drink through its stores. This means that the company will involve the employees directly to the selling of the new product. The stores will act as wholesalers and retailers at the same time. This implies that the company will be able to sell the product to retailers at wholesale price and direct to customers as per the retail price.

I believe this will be the best model for presenting the product to the market due to various reasons. First, this business model will play a great role in helping the company to develop a strong relationship with customers’ thus increasing its sales. Additionally, selling the product directly to customers and retailers is a good strategy of helping the company to build and manage its direct relationship with customers and retailers. Direct sales will present the company with an opportunity to explain the purpose of the product and extract information from the customers on whether the product is satisfying their need. This exchange of information will aid both the company and the customers to develop a long-lasting relationship that will help in boosting the sales

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