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  • Social, Environmental, And Cultural Factors Affecting The Persistence Of A Community College Students

    Introduction Throughout their educational trajectory, students face multiple barriers that challenge whether they will persist in college or not. First-generation college students, in particular, face unique challenges in persisting throughout the community college system and being able to transfer out (Wang, 2009). Although research has proven that elements influencing a student’s ability to persist (or lack thereof) are wide and complex (Nakajima, Dembo & Mossler, 2012), our study seeks to…

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  • What Are The Risks Of The Student Loan Bubble

    be examining the risks of the student loan bubble. Over the last 5 years the American federal reserve bank has increased spending on federal student loans over 1,000%. From $100 billion to over $1 trillion dollars. According to Kate Hardiman from University of Notre Dame “Economists believe the amount of federal money allocated to student loans shown in this graph is highly “unsustainable.””. With the increasingly large amount of risky student loans being given out its not going to be uncommon…

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  • Ideal College Education

    only high school degrees are not getting hired to jobs they might have been hired to in the 70s for example. So in this case, college is a welfare choice. Expanding higher education availability is good for the general population. Furthermore, universities generally include liberal arts requirements unlike high school or trade schools. The liberal arts is good for everyone because it teaches people how to be open-minded. Although liberal arts is not as immediately apparently useful as STEM it is…

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  • Challenges Of First Generation College Students

    In the National Survey of College and University Parent Programs (2013), the authors reported that from 182 responding programs 79.2% indicated that their school began providing parent and family services between 1990-2013. The report also showed that nearly 50% (46.3%) of the programs were launched…

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  • Analysis: Vocation Or Exploration: Pondering The Purpose Of College

    Before I entered college, I never asked myself why I wanted to go on to higher education. I just assumed it was normal to go on to postsecondary education, just like my older brothers and my parents did. Not even once did my high school councilors talk to my class about alternative education, it was always college, college, college, from day one. So in turn, I never pondered the questions; where am I going?, why am I doing this?,or, what is the purpose of all this? As Alina Tugend, New York…

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  • Disadvantages Of Study Abroad

    abroad education to get better career opportunities than their home country after completion of education in abroad. One of the main factors that will decide students to study abroad is the search for a better life. Getting a degree from foreign universities will boost the chances of getting a good job, students believe, and also the advantage of gaining a qualification in English. According to Chhapia and Ullas (2012) -“In between 2000 to 2009 Indian students increased by 256% to abroad”.…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Student Debt

    fantastic times here and have found myself growing intellectually, socially and emotionally in way in which I could never have predicted. Despite this, I am deeply troubled by the issue of student debt due to the cost of tuition, both within Wayne State University (WSU), and within the country as a whole. I feel that this is an issue, which affects almost every aspect of student life and taints the overall experience of college. I write to you in order to discuss this issue and to encourage the…

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  • Mark Edmundson Liberal Education Analysis

    the Uses of a Liberal Education” Mark Edmundson, cleverly defines his opinion of college education in today’s world. Most notably how education has changed from subjects, which were, previously viewed as essential; have faded away as colleges and universities turn into business selling a product: “Before they (the students) arrive, we ply the students with luscious ads guaranteeing a cross between summer camp and lotus land” (331). Edmundson speaks not only of colleges turning into a business,…

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  • College Tuition Essay

    College Tuition Costs Should Be Lowered “It is believed that the prices of college tuition are climbing faster than the U.S. inflation rate”, according to Average Rate Growths. A student degree makes a big difference in a person’s salary. However, having a degree is a key to making much more in any type of field. With the demand of a college degree rising, tuition costs are also being raised. This is making it more difficult for people to be able to afford a college degree. It seems even some…

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  • The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life Essay

    Established in 1451 by a charter from Pope Nicholas V, at the suggestion of King James II. The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the UK but the second oldest in Scotland itself. The educational choices Glasgow has to offer range far and wide so far in fact that there are actually four separate colleges each containing a number of schools all within the University itself. There is the College of Arts, College of Science and Engineering, College of Social Sciences and…

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