Compare And Contrast Essay: College Yesterday Vs Today

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College Yesterday Vs, Today
A college degree isn’t worth what it once was. College has changed dramatically over the last thirty years in many ways. The largest aspect is in terms of cost. Student tuition has skyrocketed since the 80’s as well as cost of living. As a result, students can’t afford to attend out of pocket and have to take out loans to get a better education. Another major change is the college mentality from the 80’s. Today most high school students feel pressured and that it’s necessary to go to college. However back in the day, college wasn’t pressured on students and going straight to work out of high school was a social norm. For this reason, most high school graduates today go to college without knowing what they want to do with their life. Lastly, there are many
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If you get good grades and apply for scholarships, you could receive an education free right? “Less than 20,000 students a year receive a completely free ride to college” (Kantrowitz 2011). However, scholarships can still help you out in some way. All in all, it’s free money right? According to, In 2012-13, full-time undergraduates at public, four-year schools received an average of $5,750 in gift aid from all sources. This includes scholarships and grants which in fact do help students out. However, don’t forget the average year of college cost 14,000. In turn, you get approximately a semester for school paid for assuming you attended all four years. Let’s bring this back to K-State, according to our school’s website, 7 out of 10 students receive financial assistance through scholarships. Reasoning behind the large number of students here receiving scholarship money is due to K-State’s strong alumni which donate millions of dollars a year and invest back into our university. Thus making us above the national average on received scholarships. Therefore, we don’t feel as much financial burden as other students at other

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