Lunar eclipses

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  • The Earth And The Universe In Hesiod's Theogony

    and sizes of the sun and moon and found that the sun was immensely larger than the moon. Hence the earth had to rotate around the sun. Speaking of the sun, Heraclitus (535 BC) contemplated the heavenly bodies to be bowls of fire. In the event of an eclipse, Heraclitus claimed the bowl had turned away from the earth. Secondly, very few philosophers explain the foundations of the universe with atomic theory, despite it being partly correct. Democritus (460 BC) and his teacher Leucippus (500 BC)…

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  • Maya Culture

    planets around them and the stars. By using an observatory for astronomy, they were able to predict the peak for harvesting and planting their crops. Lastly, based on their calculations and notes from observing, they were able to predict solar and lunar eclipse and they could even keep track of the orbit for Venus (Hoffman 20-21). Artifact 7: (SLIDE 8) Mayan Temple in Tikal, Guatemala (Mayan Temples) Though there are ruins of the Mayan civilization, there were 4 buildings that were complex and…

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  • The Neolithic Age: Stonehenge

    The Neolithic Age brought a variety of changes to Europe at around 4000 B.C. The usual life of hunting and gathering eventually turned into farming and domesticated life. Settlement meant that there was more room for monuments, burial grounds, and places for ritual ceremonies; such as megaliths and the one of the most famous of the kind, Stonehenge. Megalithic structures became the new popular form of building. The word megalith comes from the Greek words, mega meaning “great,” and lithos…

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  • Bluebird Toys: Movie Analysis

    Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse came out in 2003 and had nothing but horrible ratings all around, the plot was confusing and did not include enough details. Polly Pocket 2: Cool at the Pocket Plaza was a bigger and better hit when it came to audience enjoyment, the plot was better…

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  • Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange: Cause And Effect

    Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange: Cause and Effect The Columbian Exchange is accredited for the civilization and the life exchanges among the New World and the Old World. Starting from 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas the Columbian exchange hand change the Europeans way of life. The exchange included trading crops, animals, industrial sciences, and deadly diseases that was brought from the Europeans and change the Native Americans way of life. Christopher to…

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  • Matteo Ricci's Influence On Western Culture

    by these Jesuit missionaries who knew so much, and who knew about things that interested them or that they had not discovered yet. The Jesuit scholars became valuable to the Chinese because they were able to correct the Chinese lunar calendar so that the dates of eclipses would be correct and they supervised the casting of Chinese cannons. This made the Jesuit missionaries respected and allowed for them to have access to China so that they could…

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  • Aristotle Habit Of Excellence

    In the field of astronomy, Aristotle tried his hardest to prove to people that the earth was in fact a circle, unlike many people of his time period who were convinced it was a square. He proved this during a lunar eclipse when the moon passed in front of the sun and they were both spherical. He also made the conclusion that mars was higher up in the “heavens” or atmosphere than the moon. While these may seem like mediocre observations to us, they were very remarkable…

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  • The Maya's Mathematical System

    the cosmos in their daily lives, and believed humans needed to follow certain patterns for the relationship to stay harmonious. The Mayas’ understanding of celestial bodies was far advanced for their time, as they were able to predict solar and lunar eclipses with mathematical tables from 300 CE. The Maya also had important past knowledge from generations of astronomer-priests, which helped them make accurate observations of Venus and the Moon. Astronomy was sometimes associated with…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Lance's Life

    It gets to be too much for Lance around the same time Keith is pretty much considering throwing himself out of an airlock. He's sitting in the control room, totally alone, at the Altean equivalent of four in morning when Lance finds him. He'd been tracing constellations absent-mindedly into the crystalline tiles beneath his fingertips, all eighty-eight of them, and he's just about to connect the last star of the Pleiades sleepily with grazed, stained-glass knuckles when the screech echoes…

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  • What Are The Achievements Of Mayan Civilization

    The Maya were often misinterpreted as uncivilized people that practiced human sacrifice, bloody rituals, and war. In contrast to European explorers, modern historians see the Maya quite differently in terms of sophistication. Located in Mexico, Belize, Central America, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The majority of their surroundings was made up of volcanic mountains, scrub plains, and tropical rain forests. This ancient Mesoamerican world lasted for more than 2000 years, and was split…

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