Personal Narrative: My Day Of Hunting

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It was a normal summer day of hunting when first I seen a couple does. Then all of a sudden I heard a buck. The buck was chasing the does right to almost under my stand, and then he stepped broadside at 30 yards.Then I asked my dad if I could take him; he said “yes”. He was about to step into my shooting lane, I hit the safety ‘Click’ the safety clicked to fire. I pulled the trigger. On a typical saturday in October just like all the other weekends that we went hunting but it wasn’t just a normal saturday it was the saturday of a lunar eclipse. I was feeling pretty special because that only happens like every thirty years. Me and my dad sat in the same ladder stand that we usually sit in the deer were just trampuling us that night. All of …show more content…
I clicked my safety on my crossbow to fire and then my dad said shoot I pulled the trigger. I knew I drilled him as soon as I shot it right through both lungs a clean shot. We got down from the tree stand and we went over to where I shot it. My dad said we’re going to go back to the truck and call my grandpa to help come and look.
Finally my grandpa gets here after it felt like forever we went out to the woods where I shot it. I found my arrow it was covered in blood my dad said that it was a good clean shot. Then after that I followed the blood trail all the way to where I found it laying 60 yards away from where I shot. I was so excited even though it was my third buck it was still a big buck. So I made my grandpa and my dad drag it out to the corn field where we were going to gut it out. My grandpa said that he would gut my buck out and I said okay because I didn’t feel like doing it anyway. We loaded it in the truck and drove away.
All I ever wanted to do is shoot a big buck and now it happened. It felt like it was the best thing that ever happened to me.I bet there are so many hunters out there that want to experience what I did. I hope that the same thing will happen to be and other hunters in the

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