Character Analysis Of The Pony Express

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Eoin Parsley 2. Black Storm Comin’ 3. Wilson, Diane L. 4. First Colton Wescott 5. Colton, Althea, and Jewel Wescott 6. I like this book because, it tells some about the circumstances that people had to deal with during the western expansion. Also it is an interesting book to read if you like westerns. It tells some about what The Pony Express rode horses through and why the mail was slower than not that today we have fast mail but it is now faster.
Character Analysis
• Colton, “On the morning of September 16, 1860, my Pa shot me. Maybe that’s what set him to running. And, later, me galloping.” Back cover. It sums up what is going on in the book, also it foreshadows what is going to happen, and it hooks the reader.
Scene Analysis
• Colton gets
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He was checking to make sure it was loaded when he accidently pulled the trigger. After that he took off on our horse. And then that’s when it happened the leader of the group came back and took the rifle our only source of protection. Later on, after we started moving on it started raining and we broke a wheel in the deep ruts and a lady helped us fix it.
Entry-2 We have made it to the next stop to sleep. When we got done setting up camp, I started asking for a doctor in the burnt down station. When I found out there were no doctors near. When I went on a walk to think about stuff when Althea came to tell me Willie died and we had to bury him. I got done digging and Althea brought steak dinner when I asked where it came from she said it was from the nice lady who helped fix our wagon.
Entry-3 This morning I found out that the oxen we ate last night was half of our team and without them we can’t pull our wagon. And we have to empty stuff out to get going on the trail. When we were heading out we had to help push it. And then it got dark and Jewel got tired and fell asleep in the wagon. Which left me to push and Althea to drive the oxen towards our

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