Lunar eclipses

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  • Timekeeping: The Roman Calendar

    days. A normal lunar calendar should consist of 295 days, but each month in their calendar began and ended with a new moon so the new moon counted for both the beginning of a month and the end of a month, essentially adding a day to each month creating 304 days a year. The first two months were not counted because they did not do any harvesting in the winter months. The second emperor of Rome was the founder of the twelve month lunar calendar. His name was Numa Pompilius. Pompilius’ lunar…

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  • Number Six Persuasive Speech

    September 28th in 2015, one English photographer poised the perfect shot. This image shows this rare moon over the hill of Glastonbury Tor in striking perspective. This is the closest the moon has come to the earth since 1982, and coincided with a lunar eclipse. This event will not be able to be witnessed again until 2033. We hope you really appreciated our list of the top 20 best photos of the 21st…

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  • Astronomy: Aristotelian Cosmology

    PREHISTORIC TO MIDDLE AGE ASTRONOMY Over the course of countless millennia, astronomy has served as a widespread source of curiosity amongst mankind. The stars, planets and various other objects that engulf our skies have captured the interests of this world’s inhabitants, from the simplest of tribesmen to city dwelling scholars and philosophers alike. As early as 32,000 years ago, humans are believed to have been tracking cosmic cycles like our Moon’s phases (Burnham, Dyer & Kanpipe 22).…

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  • Short Story: Beauty Of Our Planet (3)

    flashlight that descends on the earth. That flash light won’t shines the whole earth but only a part of it. While the opposite side of the earth would be dark, our side would receive the sunlight. Sometimes, a solar eclipses occur at New Moon, when the moon is between Earth and the Sun. Lunar eclipse occur, when Earth is between the Sun and the moon. As your location rotates into sunlight, you see the sunrise. When your location rotates out of sunlight, you see the sun set. If we had one time…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day Of Hunting

    my shooting lane, I hit the safety ‘Click’ the safety clicked to fire. I pulled the trigger. On a typical saturday in October just like all the other weekends that we went hunting but it wasn’t just a normal saturday it was the saturday of a lunar eclipse. I was feeling pretty special because that only happens like every thirty years. Me and my dad sat in the same ladder stand that we usually sit in the deer were just trampuling us that night. All of…

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  • Aztec Religion

    The Aztec Empire, with its capital of Tenochtitlan and its population of approximately 200,000, was constructed on an island on the western side of Lake Tetzcoco. The people of the empire were, however, both diverse and widespread throughout the region, with a collection of more than 300 city-states and perhaps more than 30 provinces, in the valley of Mexica by the 14th century, many of whom came from a variety of sociocultural backgrounds. While most, if not all, Aztecs likely spoke the Nahuatl…

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  • The Bible: Jyotish And The Light Of God

    The question of destiny is surrounded by mystery. Are we alone? Are we left clueless in the most important issues of our life, such as the four major questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? What am I doing here? Who is my Creator? Perhaps there is a plan for each of us, as hinted at in the Bible: “Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” (Matt 10:30) And if such a plan exists, is it hidden from us or are we allowed to see what’s in store for us? The Bible describes early…

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  • Mayan Calendar Dbq

    1) An example from the text how different hunters used different techniques. Most would rely on the moon to tell the time of the year. Since the moon is always out, this was especially very helpful. “It's alignment shows its purposes, such as lunar eclipses, solstices and so on.” (Source 1) The early Egyptians realized that the “Dog Star” rose next to the sun every 365 days. Based on this they devised a 365-day calendar. Our society has adopted this calendar with a leap year every four years.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Country El Salvador

    Not long ago I was able to observe the brilliance of a total lunar eclipse. As the late hours of the night unwound, I watched Earth’s cratered companion become ever more shrouded in shadows until only a dark patch of starless sky remained. Soon after, the moon burst into color as all the most magnificent sunrises and…

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  • Vashikaran Mantra For Love

    Attract Lover One of the easy mantras to attract someone towards you is to chant “Omm Hareem Sah”. You should recite this vashikaran mantra to attract lover for at least 1 lakh times. It would be good if you recite this mantra on Holi, Solar eclipse or Lunar eclipse. The first step before reciting this vashikaran mantra to attract lover is to take hair strands of the girl whom you love. Then you can chant this mantra for minimum 1 lakh times. There is a vashikaran mantra to attract lover with…

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