Short Story: Beauty Of Our Planet (3)

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Beauty of our Planet (3) The earth is round. It is rotating every 24 hours with one complete rotation on its axis. That one rotation, is called a day. Imagine that sun shines as a flashlight that descends on the earth. That flash light won’t shines the whole earth but only a part of it. While the opposite side of the earth would be dark, our side would receive the sunlight. Sometimes, a solar eclipses occur at New Moon, when the moon is between Earth and the Sun. Lunar eclipse occur, when Earth is between the Sun and the moon. As your location rotates into sunlight, you see the sunrise. When your location rotates out of sunlight, you see the sun set. If we had one time zone for earth, noon would be the middle of the day in some places, but it would be morning, evening and the middle of the night in others.
According to the writer Judith, Kitchen in her short story called Standard Time she described the sunset and sunrise as, “We’ve stopped saving daylight. Now, in the dark diminished hour of five o’clock, light hovers some-where over the lake, a second horizon floating above the first, bright for
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IUPPA in her short story Daylight Savings Time, from the book Short Takes edited by writer Kitchen, Judith, he said, “That autumn day was much like today’s weather. Air pungent and sharp with its smells of wet leaves and earth and distant chimney smoke is loaded with melancholy, just lingering to e breathed in and set loose in a sudden gush, a thought of someone not quite forgotten, someone whose embrace felt dangerous and ticklish like electricity, like power surge before blackout. Someone so reckless, so wild, so willing with promises and kisses that you were swept away in a late October hour that happened completely. One hour that repeated itself, minute by minute, and forgot that you were in the wrong place at the right time. One hour that turned back on itself, so you could save face, pretending you weren’t there”

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