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  • Carbohydrates: Macromolecules In Plants And Animals

    Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids are large biological molecules that play a major role in relation to the structure and function in plants and animals. These organic molecules consist of many examples and functions. Each biological molecule has a unique function and emergent properties that helps contribute to the cellular structure in both plants and animals. These biological molecules are known as macromolecules because they are large and are composed of thousands of atoms.…

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  • Biochemical Test Essay

    Biochemical tests are used to detect the presence of different kinds of organic molecules, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. These tests include the Benedict’s Test, Iodine Test, Sudan III Stain Test, Biuret Test and many others. With these tests, the nutrients from an unknown solutions can be identified in the solution. The Benedict’s test is used for identifying reducing sugars, which are simple sugars that include monosaccharides and some disaccharides. The Benedict’s…

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  • Lab 4 Tests Lab Report

    contains. These tests are referred to as the Benedict’s, Lugol’s, Biuret, and Sudan IV tests and are each used to identify an organic compound. For instance, Benedict’s checks for reducing sugars, Lugol’s for starch, Biuret for protein, and Sudan IV for lipids. When testing the unknown with each reagent, the substance only tested positive for reducing sugars. Based on the results of this experiment and what was known about the possible unknowns it could have been, it was concluded that the…

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  • Chemistry In The Human Body

    The chemistry of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals plays an important role in running the life process of human body. The chemical reactions and their role in the human body are essential as it fuels the body to carry out the life process, to keep the body healthy and to provide body with energy. Structure of Starch It is formed by units of glucose and is a homopolysaccaride. It is found in the vegetable cells and is composed of two types of homopolysaccaride; Amylopectin and amylose.…

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  • Digestive Process And Digestion

    into smaller organic portions. Macromolecules must be broken down into much smaller fragments that become a more suitable size for absorption throughout the digestive system (Sadava, D et al., 2008). Larger more complex molecules such as proteins and lipids must be concentrated to simpler particles before they can be absorbed by digestive epithelial cells. Many organs play contribute to the digestive process in breaking down food. Both hallow (Mouth,…

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  • Plasma Membrane Structure Model

    Viscosity is depended on how densely the individual lipid molecules are packed together and this is affected by the composition of the lipid molecules that make up the membrane and the temperature of the surrounding. In high temperature, the membrane is said to be more fluid than in lower temperature. It is because, in high temperature, the phospholipid…

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  • Fat Malabsorption Summary

    Summary: Barry James, a 67-year-old man presents to the hospital with a recent onset of diarrhea and weight loss; patient has a history of lactose intolerance, vitamin B12 deficiency and intermittent diarrheal episodes that last 1-2 days. Peripheral edema was noted on the physical examination, and the abdominal examination was negative for distention and organomegaly. Question: Describe the pathophysiology and clinical presentations associated with small intestine malabsorption. Generate:…

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  • Blood Brain Barrier Essay

    ligands and hydrophilic (water loving) molecules have less permeability across this region [1]. Nanocarriers (size 1-100nm) are defined as carriers being used to transport drug molecules to the target site. Nanocarriers, specifically amphiphilic based lipids (both hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature) provide great therapeutic potential [2]. Hence, my research would be to design and test the effectiveness of biodegradable nanocarriers that can carry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic drug…

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  • Why Is Unsaturated Fats Important

    fat has extremely important health benefits. Fats belong to the macromolecule group of lipids. Lipids are extremely important to the body, and cannot be cut out of one's diet completely. The primary role of lipids in your body is to provide energy for muscles and body processes. Half of the fuel the body needs when it is resting or doing an everyday activity comes from lipids. Excess energy is stored as lipids in adipose cells when more calories than needed is consumed. While exercising and in…

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  • Niosome Essay

    Types of surfactants affect encapsulation efficiency, mechanical properties, stability and toxicity of niosomes35. In fact, they are nanosized vesicles with a bilayer structure that have a hydrophilic core shielded from one or multiple hydrophobic lipid bilayer. This…

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