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  • Personal Narrative: A World Without Stereotypes

    There are millions of memories in the back of this room especially when Dylan dropped soda all over Cass's new jeans and the stain was red so it has seemed as if she had exploded period blood all over herself, she nearly killed the kid if Layla and I weren't there we would of attended his funeral. "Katherine Wells, are you going to explain to me what the actual fuck you were thinking when you nearly killed yourself with the situation that happened exactly at 9:24am concerning you and Scarlett Carver?!" Dylan nearly yells as he's trying his best to keep a straight face on and acting as the bad cop. "What?! Pshhhhhh, nothing happened today at 9:24am, what are you talking about bestie" I try to hide my tracks and put my angelic smile and I bump his shoulder trying my best to change the direction of this conversation. "Hell no!! Don't you dare put on that fake angel smile on, it doesn't work on me maybe on everyone else but not me!!" Dylan says with a fake serious attitude when I know…

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  • Camille Herbin Biography

    Layla Herbin On October 17, 2002, at 7:58 pm, a dazzling baby girl was born from Mr. Corey and Mrs. Annise Herbin. They cinched to name this baby girl Layla Camille Herbin. They denominated her this name this because it means silent warrior, dark princess, and night. Unfortunately, Layla had some exertions before her birth. While Elder Herbin was carrying Layla, the doctors were searching for a heartbeat, but couldn't find it. This must have been an drastically an ardent and galling part in…

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  • Love In Nizami's The Story Of Dee And Majnun

    The Story of Layla and Majnun, a love story to be known for centuries. The story that creates its own specification about love and depicts the epitome of true love. As readers flip through Nizami’s eloquent narration of the story, they get the sense of love and its odd, yet enticing duality through imagery and metaphors. Nizami presents a myriad of opposing images that complement each other well. Images such as the sun and moon, poison and pure water, and roses and thorns. On first look these…

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  • Beeep Gap Short Story

    BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP "THIS IS NOT A DRILL! EVERYONE STAY OFF THE STREETS A-A-Aaaaand-" The speakers went out. People ran in mamy directions screaming bloody murder. "Stay near me Lay-" I smacked onto the destroyed tar road. "Fritz!" She shrieked. "Layla!" I got up quickly, my vision completely blurred. "Layla!" My arms outstretched, waving around looking for her. A horrifying scream echoed. "Layla!" I sped walked in the direction, my vision coming back quickly. The sky has darkened, but…

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  • Feminism In The Open Door

    The characters, namely Husyam, Layla, and Mahmud, repeatedly acknowledge the need to end imperialism, colonialism, and the power those influences have over Egyptian life. The fight against colonialism is exemplified physically by the activism of these characters - Mahmud and Husayn at the Canal, Layla’s participation in the demonstrations. However, the characters also fight colonialism in more subversive and personal ways. The young characters harbor extreme resentment for the idea of marrying…

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  • The Importance Of Colorism In The Somali Community

    lighter than usual, that she looked even prettier without the tan. Layla rolled her eyes but comments about her skin tone were very common. Within the Somali community, the colorism was a real issue. Layla continued to tell more examples and one of them stuck with me. During high school when her classmates were doing a project on Race. They talked about all the oppression they faced, all agreeing and nodding…

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  • The Role Of Love In 'Conference Of The Birds'

    The Conference of the Birds and The Story of Layla and Majnun both described love at great length, the role of love is different in every story of the two books since the characters, social status and event their background are all different from each other. It…

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  • Alyson Noel Character Analysis

    Where Alyson Noel truly dives deep into this Hollywood world, it is enough to make you puke. Layla, being the worst character, does not get any slack in this novel. Where she is upset of her and Mateo break up (because that is what their break is), instead of putting herself into the job she ‘won’ she slacks off, making her boss, Emerson believe she does not deserve working here. Still top it off for Layla being a friend, as she decides to help Aster on her quest to clear her name, even…

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  • Saint Anything By Sarah Dessen: Book Summary

    switch schools, but when her mom thought about her, she wasn’t sure whether she liked that idea or not. Sydney then decides that she wants to move schools. Sydney has transferred to Jackson High School, a public school where no one knows her or her family. The first day at her school she goes out to Antonella’s, a pizza place, to relax. Sydney didn’t want to go home because every time Sydney goes home her mom tries to convince her to talk to Peyton on the phone and Ames is always there at her…

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  • Theme Of Misogyny In The Thousand And One Nights

    society. Works such as John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, and The Holy Bible are accredited as influential pieces of literature. These works have drastically changed today’s society. However, Alf Layla Wa-Layla’s The Thousand and One Nights is not thought of as influential literary piece. The revolutionary ideas this story conveys, considering that The Thousand and One Nights was written in the thirteenth century, is simply…

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