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Layla Herbin

On October 17, 2002, at 7:58 pm, a dazzling baby girl was born from Mr. Corey and Mrs. Annise Herbin. They cinched to name this baby girl Layla Camille Herbin. They denominated her this name this because it means silent warrior, dark princess, and night. Unfortunately, Layla had some exertions before her birth. While Elder Herbin was carrying Layla, the doctors were searching for a heartbeat, but couldn't find it. This must have been an drastically an ardent and galling part in both her parents' lives. Due to the love her parents have for God, the family and friends support, and the prayers acceding to God, Layla was blessed to be a healthy, baby girl who who destined to be someone brilliant. So please relax your mind and allow
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Who is Layla Herbin? Layla Herbin in the more than what you see. She is no ordinary,girl. Layla Camille Herbin: Daughter or Corey and Annise Herbin, the new face of Google, dancer of the year, best friend to many, and an aspiring Youtuber. Her favorite thing to do is dance, and she dances because it is her everyday lifestyle. She eats, breathes, and sleep dance. She mostly dances lyrical because it grants her the opportunity to expresses herself in the most way possible. Her parents, Mrs. Elder Annise L. Herbin works as a school psychologist and Mr. Elder Corey G. Herbin is a computer technician. Her inspirations include: her parents, the Les Twins (dancers), and iisuperwomanii, better know as Lily Signh. Her aspirations are to major technology and a minor in dance, and to obtain her masters degree in computer science. She wants to, eventually move to California, and to work at Google as a Software Engineer.Why? Because she love computers. In her free time she dances and her walk with God is growing stronger everyday. Now it's time for the lighting round! Is this round, I asked her a serious of "versus" questions : Chocolate vs Caramel, "Chocolate", Harry Potter vs Harry Styles, "Harry styles" ,iPhone vs Samsung, "iPhone", Dell vs Mac "Mac", Disney vs Dreamworks "Dreamworks", Day vs Night, "Day"' Zayn vs Dylan, "Zayn" Dylan vs Tyler, "Dylan", and Spider Man vs the Winter Soldier, she chose the "Winter

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