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  • The Pros And Cons Of Motorcycle Club

    experiences while in the armed forces. To cope with these experiences when in America, many look for a hobby to be around people they can relate to. One of these hobbies are joining motorcycle clubs (MC). More members of the military than you may think have joined a motorcycle club. The idea of a long lasting brotherhood becomes appealing after being in war. According to the members, they are not a part of a “gang” but a club of brothers. Joining a military-only motorcycle club is appealing because of the long lasting brothership, perks, and exclusivity. Motorcycle clubs began appearing after World War II by ex-military. The original creators of military-only clubs were given Harley Davidson motorcycles by the government for use in combat. Then, when the soldiers came out of war, their love of riding expanded until the veterans eventually bought their own motorcycles and began looking…

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  • Motorcycle Club Research Paper

    What caused the explosive confrontation, in public, between the Cossacks and the Bandidos? Motorcycle clubs in America have a long history of civil conflict. In this outlaw culture, violence is normal and frequent; however, these stories rarely make the news due to witness intimidation and the clubs’ inferred code of silence. Outlaw motorcycle clubs live by their own set of laws, and the patches that they wear are held sacred; any act of disrespect toward a clubs patches is considered to be the…

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  • Hell's Angels Identity

    one in their right mind would bother you. This is what it is like to ride as a member of the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels are a motorcycle club known to be associated with drug trafficking. Before they became a motorcycle club, the group started as a crew manning a B-29 Superfortress named “Hell’s Angels”. The crew flew missions over Europe during World War Two until they were retired after . After the war was over they formed their own motorcycle club. According to Peter Tamony, author of…

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  • The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

    The World consists of many different groups of people, who have their own behaviors, traditions, and lifestyles. One of the many groups that still exist today is the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Founded on March 17, 1948, in Fontana, California, this motorcycle club is known for their acts of violence, distribution of drugs, and their love for riding motorcycles. Although they are present throughout the globe, mainly in the United States, the Hells Angels have become a subculture in our culture…

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  • Biker Boyz Movie Analysis

    Biker Boyz is very powerful and it carries a strong message throughout the entire movie. It’s about the underground world of motorcycle clubs and not so legal street racing. A young man who is 18 years old named Kid (Derek Luke). Started his own motorcycle club named “Biker Boyz” after witnessing the death of his dad “Slick Will” at one of these races. He wants to be the one in charge the one everyone idealized or as the movie portrays it, “The King of Cali.” The label is currently being held by…

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  • Sons Of Anarchy Analysis

    Society if full of criminals, gangsters, and mob members. There are many laws set in place to protect citizens, but not everybody chooses to follow them. In the TV show, Sons of Anarchy, Jackson Teller, Vice President, is a part of a biker club that gets involved with the drug mafia and many other biker clubs. Every day they risk their lives and the lives of their families by being a part of this club. He does everything in his power to protect his wife, son, and mother. During the show his son…

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  • Batman Vs Vigilante Research Paper

    What is the difference between a vigilante and a hero? Think of the potential of a city if organized crime was eliminated.Vigilantes need to be used in societies more often. If vigilantes were used more in society, crime rates would drop, more tax money would be available for the city, people would feel safe, and criminals would think twice about their unlawful actions. People should not live in fear of being in the wrong side of town. It is time the criminals live in fear for their actions. A…

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  • Sociological Concept Of Feminism In The Movie True Grit

    In the movie “True Grit,” an unrelenting fourteen year old girl named Mattie Ross, brings it upon herself to avenge her father’s death after the outlaw known as Tom Chaney murders him and flees the territory. The young farm girl quickly seeks out to hire the U.S. Marshal, Rooster Cogburn, who is just as familiar with whisky as he is with guns, to track down Chaney. Shortly after this quarreling duo set out on their man hunt, they are accompanied by a Texas Ranger named LaBoeuf. However, the…

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  • Our Sunshine Text Analysis Essay

    Robert Drewe’s 1991 novel Our Sunshine explores the insights of the famous outlaw, Ned Kelly. The text perceives Ned in a way we have never seen him before, changing the way the public views Ned forever. Our sunshine is a re-written version of Ned Kelly’s life which Drewe successfully achieves, the uses of textual themes complimented with language techniques and dominant themes are portrayed within the text. The theme of loyalty is continuously brought up in the novel and the techniques of…

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  • Robin Hood Equality

    In Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, the power of Robin Hood, who was called Robin of Locksley at the time, was presented by the power and equality that he provided to the men and women whom he engaged with. Unlike Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham was cruel and worked for his own good, and used the power granted to him to boost his own pockets with money and fortune. He ruled everyone around him by having a crew of corruption that followed his ranking with his cousin, the witch Mortianna, and…

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