X-linked ichthyosis

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  • X-Linked Ichthyosis Research Paper

    Disease Overview Ichthyosis is the primitive cause of dry, flaky, thick, scaly skin. There are several different kinds of Ichthyosis, the main one is Ichthyosis vulgaris as it accounts for over 90% of all Ichthyosis cases and then there is X-linked Ichthyosis, which is the least common type of Ichthyosis with there being only one in every 6,000 births in males (Panthagani). X-linked Ichthyosis was chosen as the area of interest, it is a recessive disease in which only males get the disease and females are carriers for the disease. The gene that causes Ichthyosis is X-linked, which means it is a disease passed down from a mother to her child. The gene we are concerned about with X-linked Ichthyosis is known as steroid sulfatase more commonly referred to as STS. Steroid sulfatase is an enzyme known for metabolizing cholesterol sulfate found in the skin of humans. When cholesterol sulfate is not broken down properly an accumulation occurs resulting in a build up of skin cells, resulting in tough, dry, scaly skin that can be embarrassing for the patient. X-linked ichthyosis is not fatal but there is also no form of treatment and diagnosis is difficult. Gene…

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  • Difference Between Carrageenan And Vanillin

    complexes of helixes or entanglement may indicate the defect of the network and produced the exothermic peak in DSC result. A study on fabrication of nano fiber from alginate (Nie et al. (2008) found that the entanglement may increase the flexibility of chains of alginates. This flexibility may promote the swelling capability of the non-crosslink sample. The AFM analysis measured the average Young’s modulus of 2344.17 MPa for the non-crosslinked film and 2314 MPa for the crosslinked film as…

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  • Analysis Of Malcom X's A Homemade Education

    After, being sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years, Malcolm X took that time to self- educate himself and in his essay, A Homemade Education, he informs his readers of his background and how he became the man he was. Malcolm X wanted his readers to understand that an education is what you make out of it, and not what you learn. He believed that you can go to the college of your dreams, and learn nothing from it. But, being willing to be educated, you can educate yourself and grow intelligently.…

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  • Analysis Of The Silent Generation

    labels are only used by older individuals as a device of condescension and criticism to be used on the youth to shame them for their normal stages of development. Millennials are the most recent in a series of labeled generations in American History. The 6 living generations being: The Greatest Generation (1900-20), The Silent Generation (1920-40), The Baby Boomers (1940-60), Generation X (1960-80) and finally Generation Y, or Millennials. The United States census department does not define…

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  • Desire For Power In Lord Of The Flies

    For thousands of years, men have desired to gain power over others so that they can accomplish their own goals. Thus, it has become human nature to desire power and control. Most often men would try to gain as much power they could possibly have by bending the rules or laws that have been put in place that would restrict them. If the rules and laws that kept the amount of power in balance were suddenly removed, the men would be the first to realize it. Their methods for obtaining more power…

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  • What Does Malcolm X Symbolism In The Ballot Of The Bullet

    The world contains many famous figures who have taken a stand against important issues that they believed to be inhumane or morally wrong. Malcolm X was a man who played a large role in the civil rights movement to help unite black and white people in America through any means necessary. As exemplified throughout Malcolm’s speeches, he strongly believes that one must put his religion aside to fight against the common enemy, in this case, the white people. Malcolm’s role in the Nation of Islam,…

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  • Malcolm X: Influential African American Speakers Of The 20th Century

    Running head: MALCOLM X ? Malcolm X is known as one of the most influential African American speakers of the 20th century. Malcolm X was a courageous advocate for the civil rights of African Americans and a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans. He was responsible for spreading the Islam faith within black communities and increasing the self-esteem of Africans Americans by reconnecting them to their African…

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  • Ballot Or The Bullet Analysis

    I, however, believe this to show Malcolm X’s sense of urgency toward the civil rights situation at hand. Countless times in this address he calls to his fellow African Americans to inform themselves to the “ballot” or political atmosphere of their community. In place of violence, Malcolm X believes “that the black man should control the politics and the politicians in his own community”. He wants his fellow black citizens to better themselves and improve their communities using political…

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  • Responsibility Essay: Can Generation Xers Be Trained?

    are changing the idea of the workplace , they want it to be more fun and have more meaning. (source?) work can sometimes be monotonous and have little meaning, but younger generations are being proactive and taking it as a duty to become more involved in their work instead of just accepting the way things are. Beyak sees “youth” as not overcoming the issue the younger generation has of employment. (he states that as long as 20-30 year olds like to be called “youth” instead of fully acceping…

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  • The Millennial Generation And Social Media Movements

    first aspect of the millennials would be their involvement in pecuniary affairs. There are instances of struggle and with 40% of Americans aged 18-29 without work, they are the group with the highest unemployment rate in over three decades (Leonard). Generation Y’s future is a not-so-promising one, with only 15% of parents of the millennials believing millennials have the skills to get out of financial crises overall (Elliott). However, it seems presumptuous to install blame onto a generation…

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