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  • Victimless Crime

    • The enforcement of these laws can be discriminatory as it is based purely on the moralistic behaviour of the enforcing authorities. These laws are strongly enforced against the weak and middle class people rather than uniform application that will include the upper class people. It is the people who have been arrested once for a crime who can be rearrested again for the same crime instead of any other person. Hence, the enforcement of a criminal law on victimless crimes is proportional to…

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  • Assignment 306 Health And Safety Case Study

    Obstruction of emergency exits/entrance Limited access/ egress Remove the wood and arrange in storage bins to eliminate hazards Multiple emergency exits should be available that are well marked and easily accessible. These exits should lead people away from hazard. Inappropriate door and the Height of dead bolt lock Limited access/ egress in case of emergency Install a push/ horizontal panic bar, emergency doors should open in the direction of escape and emergency doors should not be locked…

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  • Mental Illness As A Social Problem In Sociology Essay

    The occurrence of mental illness has been rising in recent years, with many people reporting the development of mental health issues. These mental illnesses include, to OCD, anxiety, substance abuse, anti-social behaviour and schizophrenia to name a few. There are some that argue that mental illness is an individual issue, not influenced by factors outside the personal experience. This essay will argue that mental illness is a social problem, with a particular focus on the topics of gender and…

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  • Attachment Theory In Social Work Practice

    Within social work practice various capabilities need to be demonstrated. According to the Professional Capabilities Framework (BASW, 2012), social workers must have the capacity to “use judgement and authority to individuals and families to promote independence and provide support” (PCF 7: Intervention and Skills), and within the Knowledge and Skills Statement, it is vital for social workers “to promote optimal child development and be alert to signs that may indicate otherwise”. An…

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  • Genetically Modified Food Shortage

    developing countries are facing. Genetically modified food has addressed the complication and has been widely incorporated into the basic human diet. Although genetically modified foods supports the thriving human population, genetically modified food labelling and production should be extensively regulated by the U.S government to protect the public health, the environment and farmer’s sovereignty. First, GM organism are inorganic and poses risks to human health. Genetically modified products…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Being A Special Needs Mother

    Being a special needs mother isn't the best thing in the world as propagated by many but it's not the worst either. It's somewhere in the middle! Like that tiny sole boat which keeps bobbing because of constant ocean currents or high tides. The bad days seem like you’d be eaten alive by giant waves, but good days can feel like a calm vacation, although they don’t last as long. The challenges are mostly because of the unfamiliarity of the sea and once that is learned, things become better but…

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  • Tayto Case Study

    LEARNING JOURNAL 2 ASSIGNMENT Charmain Byrne 15100629 This assignment relates to Chapter 10 Product Concepts, Chapter 11 Developing & Managing Products (PLC) & Chapter 13 Channels of Distribution from Lamb,C. W., Hair, J.F. & McDaniel,C. (2013) Introduction to Marketing, International 12thEdition. The below is a branded convenience product that will be analysed for this assignment. Source: (Accessed: 9th November 2016) Tayto is the manufacturer of Irish crisps founded by…

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  • The Role Of Obesity Strategies

    everyone’s concern and each individual is responsible for their own health and change their behaviour to lose health (DOH 2011). Additionally, researchers found obesity is strongly linked to increased food portions, food type, food packing and labelling. Food labelling describes as a label found on a food packaging or drink products which contain information about the nutritional value, including a number of calories, fats and list of ingredients (NHS Choice 2016b). The food label must be…

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  • Definition Essay On Eating Healthy

    subjective term… There is such an emphasis on specific nutrients or ingredients that are healthy, but we must pay attention to the big picture of what we choose. We eat whole foods, not specific nutrients” (Ducharme para. 5). Ducharme writes that labelling is not a reliable way to tell how healthy or nutritious something is, and the other nutritionists agree. They seem to have come to the general consensus that, with a few exceptions, if a food product includes a label and eye-catching slogans…

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  • Vygotsky's Theory: The Relationship Between Thought And Language

    the results are not as generalisable as previously stated. Wright went on further to criticise name strategy, or as he called it, direct labelling theory. It is suggested that direct labelling theory would cause errors in trials of cross category stimuli to be less than within category as there are already memorised verbal labels. He noted that the act of labelling a colour through perception of its being the most different would invalidate the results of the task. To summarise, he concluded…

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