Essay On Nutrition Facts Labels

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Nutrition Facts Panels (NFPs) or Nutrition Facts Labels is a list of nutrients that appear on the label of every food and drink. This shows the important information contained in the food and beverage products. Nutrition facts is very important to be known by each consumers before a meal or drink. According Drichoutis (2008), increasing number of healthier food affects the important of the nutrition facts labels because nutrition facts labels can give information for consumers about the nutrients can be used to give them make healthier food choices. NFPs appear on most processed products found in grocery stores, as required under the federal Nutrition Labelling and Education Act of 1990 (NLEA). NLEA is the legal authority of the Food, Drug Administration (FDA), U.S, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to regulate processed, packaged foods (Kessler, 2003). …show more content…
Reading nutrition facts labels can make it easier for consumers to compare food or drink to find that have the nutritional value consumer’s needs. It can helps consumers to understand how much of certain nutrients in their bodies and limit nutrient contained in the product per serving. Food regulations known as the Malaysian Food Regulations 1985 require labeling of foods at every meal. Food labeling provides information on the nutrient content of the food produced. This step can help users make a more informed choice about the food to be purchased. At the same time, this effort is a way to inform consumers about the quality of a foodstuff. In addition, users can make a comparison between the goods with other goods before buying them. The price tag can also determine the quality of the goods sold. Nutrition information on food labels could be a cost-effective method of communicating nutrition information to consumers because the information appears at the point of sale for most packaged foods (Campos, Doxey, & Hammond,

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