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  • An Analysis Of Tracy Chevalier's Girl With A Pearl Earring

    artist, Johannes Vermeer who at the time lived in The Hague, Netherlands. In the novel, Greit; a young teenager raised in a lower class family is being involuntarily told to be the full time maid for a high class family; the Vermeer’s. In the 16th Century, social differences, stereotyping, and class rankings were “social rules” that were practiced during this time. This is what makes the plot line interesting throughout the novel. Some examples of this are when; Catharina and her husband,…

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  • Film Analysis: Girl With A Pearl Earring

    old and becomes the maid of a painter called Johannes Vermeer, who is attracted by her. The painter includes her in his drawings that later on are a conflict within the household. She also attracts the attention of Vermeer’s patron. Little is known about the life of the girl in the painting due to the lack of historical evidence. The purpose of the film is to recreate the life of Griet. In the film, Griet has to secretly pose for a painting that Vermeer is doing to fulfill his patron’s desire.…

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  • Analysis Of Johannes Vermeer's Paintings

    The process of globalization is so uniquely displayed as Timothy Brooks uses Johannes Vermeer’s painting to illustrate the important events in the seventieth and eighteenth centuries, as well as shed light on the world, causing readers to think in a different manner. He shows that globalization was not simply because of one person, or one group of people, but many different cultures, thoughts, and ideas. Through the use of Vermeer’s paintings, Timothy Brooks discusses the rise of the global…

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  • A Reflection On The End Of My Humanities Honor Program

    This semester, Fall 2015, is the end of my Humanities Honour Program. It has been a meaningful two years with Professor Lindahl and Professor Movassat. In this class, I have learned a lot of knowledge on the topics humanities. Humanities are very important because they had a great impact on today’s society. William Lund once said that “We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.” Without the knowledge of humanities, we won 't be able to communicate…

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  • A Maid Asleep Analysis

    Johannes Vermeer’s “A Maid Asleep,” painted around 1657, is one of his earlier paintings, in which Vermeer experimented with “genre painting.” Although not particularly popular during his own time, he is now revered as one of the best Dutch artists. Perhaps his lack of recognition during the seventeenth century was due to the small amount of paintings he produced or the fact that only a small group of people bought his paintings in Delft, the city he lived in. The small group of people found…

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  • How Did The Scientific Revolution Influence Western Civilization

    modern Europe and the scientific revolution have contributed to the development of these conditions. Events that support these conditions are the Inquisition and Galileo, Thomas Hobbes and his theory of the state of nature, and art from artists like Vermeer. Each of the previously mentioned events has brought about great advancements influencing Western civilization. The first topic of interest is the Inquisition and Galileo. The Inquisition was a branch of the Catholic Church that was…

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  • Vermeer's Hat Summary

    by analyzing six paintings by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The book has its primary focus on ties between Europe and the rest of the world and the growing Chinese impact on the world during the age of innovation and improvisation. Brook argues that globalization, which is believed to have begun in the twentieth and twenty-first century had its roots in the seventeenth century. This is evident in one of the portraits painted by Johannes Vermeer of the landscape view of Delft. On this…

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  • Women In Art Analysis

    The painting in question is Woman Holding a Balance painted by Johannes Vermeer. The painting was previously called Woman Weighting Gold but with further inspection scholars agreed that her balance does not contain any gold therefor the paintings name was changed to its contemporary name. It is part of a large collections of paintings by Vermeer sold by in 1696 in the estate of Jacob Dissius in Amsterdam. Many themes have been theorized about the painting…

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  • 'Burial Rites In Girl With The Pearl Earring'

    story is an interpretation entwined with historical facts of the murders that happened on the 13th and 14th 1828. The film Girl with The Pearl Earring, directed by Peter Webber is a Fictional film about a young servant working for her master Johannes Vermeer. The story grows when he takes and articulate likening to the servant (Griet) who he then makes pose for a painting, without his wife knowing. Hiding the image and the girl from the gossip that the 17th century holds when encountering such…

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  • Peggy Conntosh Skin Color Privilege Analysis

    and colonialism or one could wrongly assume it was due to western culture emerging without influence or knowledge of people of color. When I think of classical figurative (containing a human figure) art images like Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, and The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. What doesn’t come to mind is Paolo Veronese’s Judith and Holofernes or one of the plentiful adaptations of a bible story picturing the brown magi arriving at jesus’…

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