The Importance Of Johann Gutenberg And The Invention Of The Printing Press

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Gutenberg and the Invention of the Printing Press
Tremendously impacting the western world, Johann Gutenberg invented the first printing press. The first book he printed using the printing press was the 42-line Bible in Latin. This was a huge deal and people from all over wanted a bible to keep in their homes. It was convenient and cheaper than the traditional way of making books which required more labor, time, and money. People who were not wealthy could also purchase books. Johann Gutenberg helped spread Christianity by printing the Bible in mass quantities, making other books easily accessible, and also inspiring others to build printing presses.
Gutenberg was born in Mainz, Germany in 1395 to a modest working family (Johannes Gutenberg
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“There were two types of earliest work that Gutenberg produced and they were: indulgences, calendars, vocabularies, and the other work was the 42-line bible.” (Füssel, 18) Stephen Füssel says: “Gutenberg chose for this the Vulgate of St Jerome, the definitive textual basis for all theological work and religious instruction during the Middle Ages.” (Füssel, 18) After copies of the Bible were printed out, many people bought a Bible to keep in their homes, use in their churches and, spread Christianity …show more content…
( Staff) The 95 theses quickly spread and Luther had many people disagree with him. Martin Luther questioned the Roman Catholic Churches because they were granting indulgences because they became corrupt. ( Staff) Luther absolutely did not like the church granting indulgences, he was against it. The Protestant Reformation spread rapidly and more leaders for it were emerging. As time passed, it was no longer just Luthers’ ideas but also everyone else who agreed with him, it was completely

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