Mass Media Effects Paper

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Shannon Vargas
Effects of Mass Media
September 15, 2015
Ms. Allyson Wells Effects of Mass Media Our culture is molded and influenced by mass media. From the ancient times of story tellers, tribal leaders and elders to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, communication and the flow of information has been vital to developing civilizations. The major developments in mass media are oral and written presentation, printing, electronics and digital programming. Technology changed the models of communication flow and eliminated the gatekeepers that controlled what information was sent to the receiver of the message. The internet has allowed everyone to have content there for everyone to receive. Mass media is become our culture and everyday
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These skills were mainly taught to members of higher rank or standing in the community. There was also a fear that writing would decrease the uses of daily conversation, debate and intelligent discussions. Socrates and his student Plato shunned poets because of the use of written word (Campbell, Martin, & Fabbos, 2015, Chapter 1). All of the types of communication still exist and we still use them in education, politics and art. The advancement of the writing enhanced the oral communication by allowing people to write down their thought and ideas to present orally to …show more content…
In the digital era all of those inventions became better with digital programming. The internet also came into play during this time. Military strategists wanted a communication link to deliver information all over the world to troops. The internet was quickly adapted by people all over the world as a mode of communication. Faster delivery speeds, clearer sound, clearer picture and much more user friendly electronics and communication devices that internet ready became common in households all over the U.S. Although this great technology was giving everyone an opportunity to be reached by mass media is also went a little out of control. The technology was developing so fast that government agencies couldn’t keep control of what is on the internet. Email was taking the place of the postal service. Social media keeps everyone connected all hours of the day and night. Marketing doesn’t have to wait for the prized prime time spots on the TV. They are able to market products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free to users, due to payments from companies marketing products or

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