Essay about Culture Regulates Human Behavior And Identity

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1. Explain the ways that culture regulates human behavior and identity.
a. Culture regulates human behavior and identity through the means of religion, nation, class, gender, race, and civilization (p.4). Religion is often a regulator of human interactions, personal identity and beliefs (p.4). Moreover, the nation-state is a very significant concept of culture that regulates human behavior and identity (p.5). It is widely identified as another definition of cultural identity. The nation-state affirms the “self sustaining” and reproducing nature of “a community or population” (p. 5). This population’s “thought, experiences, and patterns of behavior and its concepts, values, and assumptions about life” and behavioral norms collectively, guide their behavior (p.5). These shared behavioral elements of culture (symbols, rituals, values, and heroes) evolve in correlation with their contact to differing cultures and then socially transmit generationally to members who accept and identify with that group (p. 5-6).
b. Class is also a regulator of human behavior and identity. In America, class refers to “one’s economic position in a society”. All other factors of class stem from an individual’s level of income (p. 8). In today’s era we have the upper, middle “working” and lower class (p. 8). Income or class to a certain extent articulates, “whom you marry, your career, and the neighborhood in which you are likely to live” (p. 8). It often determines the type of childhood your…

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