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  • Peggy Conntosh Skin Color Privilege Analysis

    and colonialism or one could wrongly assume it was due to western culture emerging without influence or knowledge of people of color. When I think of classical figurative (containing a human figure) art images like Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, and The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. What doesn’t come to mind is Paolo Veronese’s Judith and Holofernes or one of the plentiful adaptations of a bible story picturing the brown magi arriving at jesus’…

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  • Plato The Girl In The Pearl Earring Analysis

    Platos views on censorship are mistaken because he cared more about artist minicing forms they see, i think he distract from the artwork and the reason why art is created. In the painting called “the girl in the pearl earring is a painting by Johannes Vermeer…

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  • 18th Century Scientific Advancements

    The Astronomer explicitly links science and art. Cartography and astronomy are depicted alongside fine arts such as the painting on the wall and the Middle Eastern carpet on the table (Eskridge, n.d.). The Astronomer (circa 1668, Baroque). Johannes Vermeer The proliferation of art and the preservation of knowledge The final aspect of the relationship between science and art in the 15th – 18th centuries that I will draw attention to is how science and technology enabled the proliferation of…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

    directly at the painter with just their head and shoulders being drawn, which often creates a dramatic tone or sense of being watched by the viewer. So what makes a portrait so special and captivating to the eye? Artists Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Vermeer have left a mark on the importance and compelling factors of a portrait. Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is one of the most famous paintings in the world. His use of color and details “Mona Lisa” developed many controversies on the…

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  • Kusatsu Famous Resting Place Analysis

    Jennifer Le Arts-1301-85402 It was a rainy Saturday when I went to the Dallas Museum of Art where I first encountered the enormous steel sculpture Ave by Mark Di Suvero, which could be an artwork for commemoration and serves as a recognizable icon for citizens to demonstrate that the building next to it as an art museum. The abstract sculpture rested on the large grassy area where the bright red steel complimented the green grass that stood next to the light gray museum. The contemporary…

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  • Vermeer's Hat Analysis

    In Vermeer’s Hat, Timothy Brook displays a variety of paintings by Johannes Vermeer. From the paintings, Brook connects them with events that are occurring in Europe during the seventeenth century. Through Brook’s perspective, the paintings are taken into consideration its importance in telling the events that involve a piece or a part of the painting. Along with the paintings’ importance, Brook also a displayed of a wider connection between each chapter and how it creates a main argument of…

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  • Spitfire Case Study

    Are you tired of eating junk food? If so, Then Spitfire is the perfect place for you, many fast food restaurants fail at providing a healthy meal. However, Spitfire provides customers with quality service, healthy foods and a beautiful scenery to dine in, Spitfire is a local restaurant in south beach Florida. It introduces the traditional street food of the Mediterranean. The spitfire is a restaurant that provides marvelous service. At Spitfire, the team treats every customer in such a…

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  • Ap Euro Chapter 15-17 Summary

    Locke argued against the belief that human beings are born with certain ideas already in their minds. He claimed that, on the contrary, the mind is a tabula rasa (blank slate) until experience begins to “write” on it 34. Jan Vermeer Dutch painter renowned for his use of light (1632-1675) 35. Johann Sebastian Bach (21 March 1685 in Eisenach – 28 July 1750 in Leipzig) was a German composer and organist. He lived in the last part of the Baroque period. 36. The Augustans ask 37.…

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  • Plato's Observation On The Feeling Of Beautiful And Sublime

    The concept of beauty has been a baffling issue and a bone of contention among thinkers and intellectuals. Such confusion can plausibly be understood through the changeable standards considered in every culture and the many attempts to approach it. Throughout history, it has been glorified and highlighted in many ways. From a philosophical perspective, Kant, in Observation on the Feeling of Beautiful and Sublime , tackles beauty, through the view that women are identified by their beauty, while…

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  • Importance Of Knowledge In Knowledge

    To what extent is knowledge discarded rather that built upon in art and the natural sciences? In the natural sciences knowledge seems to be built upon more than discarded and in art it seems like the knowledge is discarded over time in favor of the new way of thinking about art. Knowledge seems to be improved and built upon more in science where theories are constantly being tested and improved and seems to be discarded more in art where different types of art come into style during different…

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