The Evolution Of Mass Communication

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Over the past two decades the world has seen a major shift in the development and use of media, communication and technology. Amongst industrialization and urbanization, both the audience and the communication in which surrounds all demographics has changed so dramatically many may argue that the mass communication era has ended completely. When looking into the countless changes in day-to-day life, one can understand that each change is or was as a result of technology; one can also argue technology to be the foundation of the mass communication ‘revolution’, with Internet becoming a chief communicator of information to large segments of the population. The following essay will consider the many changes in mass communication, and the audience …show more content…
Through this one may be able to shed light on the notion, has the mass communication era ended?

Before analyzing and considering the life span of mass communication, one must first understand the meaning, which is more in-depth than one may comprehend. As with anything, an idea can hold different meanings and notions to each individual. This is no different amid mass communications. Chaffee and Metzger (2001) states mass communication can mean different things to different people, “For some, the core concept lies in the first word, mass. That is, the mass-ness of mass communication sets it apart from other forms of communication in human history, in that it allows a communicator to reach a much larger and more geographically dispersed audience than ever before” (p. 366). Alternatively, others focus primarily on the second word,
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As such one could argue the questionable end of the mass communication era or development of modernized mass communication is, as a result of its surroundings. In order to validate this, one may find it helpful to understand the history and events which have lead to such drastic changes in such a widely recognized

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