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  • Canon And Scripture In The Bible

    with all the host of heaven standing beside him ( King James Bible, 1 Kings 22:19 )." Yahweh is not alone, but is helped by these less deities from Heaven. One section is comprised of warriors in heaven assisting in holy wars such as the Battle of Jericho. While the other are angels of Yahweh assisting him by being messengers to the Earth.Towards the end of God and Gods, Hendel mentions that there were many Gods in other nations. Yahweh became the supreme God because there was none like him. The…

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  • Samaritans In The Crucible

    Anyone who loathes his brother or sister is truly a murderer at heart. (1 John 3:15) If this is true, the Jews and Samaritans must have all been murderers. The Jewish people despised the Samaritans. So, the Samaritans returned the hatred and anger toward the Jewish people. The Samaritan people disgusted the Jews so much so, that the Jews would not even touch or be within reach of the Samaritans. The Samaritans lived a difficult life with so much hate pressed upon their backs, which followed them…

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  • Essay On The Concept Of Retreat

    Introduction In this assessment I will endeavour to reflect on the concept and practice of Retreat as a discipline within the practice of Christianity. I will begin initially with an explanation of my current understanding of this concept and through exploration and investigation I will share my findings and reflect upon how these compare to my first interpretation and discuss ways to encourage the practise. Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started My…

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  • Samaritan, Tax-Collectorss, And Children

    “In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for special purposes and some for common use. Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.” 2 Timothy 2:20-21. Samaritans, tax-collectors, and children, are three groups of people groups that have one thing in common. Surprisingly, all these people were despised in Jesus’ time. However…

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  • Modern Theatre Vs Greek Theatre

    Just as art has been a major part of human history, so has theatre and performing arts. It takes shape in storytelling, dance, and acting. According to the History of Theatre, ‘studies of wall paintings in Africa, France, and Spain reveal that humans were engaged in sophisticated forms of artistic expression as early as 20,000 years ago.’ This was apparently before the development of some skills and habits that helped advance civilization. Through this paper, we will discuss what sorts of…

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  • Pope Francis 'Theology Of Encounter'

    1.4. The ‘Theology of Encounter’ according to Pope Francis Christians should develop a ‘theology of encounter’. They can encounter God in the world specifically in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and in other sacraments, in scripture, in the created universe, and in the community in which they live. My focus here is to encounter God in the sacrament of Matrimony. The word ‘encounter’ is a favorite word of Pope Francis. He used 32 times in his apostolic exhortation, “the Joy of the…

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  • The Shadow Of The Galilean Summary

    from them, Baruch didn 't take his food or drinks, but they convinced him to come with them because he was banded from the Essenes and did not want to leave him in the wilderness. Baruch was one of them now and they all left the wilderness to go to Jericho. Andreas reports some of his findings back to Metilius, He told Metilius that they represent no danger to the state(43). The Essenes interpreted their marriages laws very strictly and reject all polygamy. They believe that a man and a wife…

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  • The Bystander Intervention Model

    Results. In this study of 494 participants, which consisted of 232 males and 262 females who were primarily White/European 75.1%, Asian 11.5%, Black/African-American 7.5%, Latino/Hispanic 3.2% or other racial background 2.6%. The total participants that were registered donor 19.8% or 98, 30.2% or 149 informed their family of their donation. Those who had prior experience with organ donation were 4.3% or 21 who knew of someone waiting for an organ and 23.5% or 116 knew someone living or deceased…

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  • Selfless Leadership: A Case Study

    needs of the organization and others before their own personal needs. Dees addresses this as he relates the biblical story of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37, who came to the aid of a man who had been beaten and robbed while on his way to Jericho. Many professionals passed the man and offered no assistance, but the Good Samaritan stopped and assisted him. He also went a step further and paid an innkeeper to care for and feed the man until he made a full recovery (2013, pp. 68-71). This…

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  • Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    As the first part of the epic poem Divine Comedy, the Inferno was written in the beginning of the fourteenth century by Dante Alighieri. Inferno describes the journey of its author through nine circles of Hell. For the whole duration of his journey, Dante is led by a poet Virgil, the representation of Human Reason who is familiar with many of the sinners in the underworld. Each circle in the epic poem illustrates a different type of sin with contrasting consequences, fluctuating according to the…

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