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  • God Is Noah's Grace In The Bible

    Throughout the Bible God provides us with many examples of people who show such a faith in Him, that He shows them amazing grace. Although they did not live perfect lives, they had such a faith God that God gave His mercy and grace and they lived their lives to honor Him. In Genesis, Noah demonstrates his faith in his willingness to believe and trust God and being obedient in God's commandment to build the ark. David is another Biblical example of a man whose great faith and obedience made…

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  • Family Scene-Personal Narrative

    It is a happy family scene as Mary and John Winchester put their children, six-month-old Sam and four-year-old Dean, to bed. Later, Mary investigates a sound coming from Sam’s nursery. She sees a figure standing over his crib and assumes it is John, but when she realizes it isn’t her husband she rushes back in. John, who was asleep in the living room, hears Mary's screams and rushes to the nursery, only to find her pinned to the ceiling with a deep wound across her belly. As he stares in shock,…

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  • Poem Analysis: Another Elegy

    “Another Elegy” is a poem about the relationships in life that happen. In the line “This is what our dying looks like..” gives us as a reader the feeling that we need to believe that when something bad happens, we need to just believe that something that is there. The poem is about someone trying to kill themselves. It happens in the line, “he let the gun go off in his mouth.” Then, all of a sudden, the bad side of the person in the poem comes out. The husband’s head and the wife’s mouth…

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  • Cleopatra Research Paper

    Barely anything is known about Cleopatra’s early life. For instance, she was born in the winter of 69 B.C., in Egypt, to her mother and father. Cleopatra’s full name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator – meaning Cleopatra the father loving goddess. Also, history shows that Cleopatra was highly educated and smart. ”Well – educated and clever, Cleopatra could speak various languages….” (, page 1) Without Cleopatra history would be very different. Cleopatra’s family was very interesting.…

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  • The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death Analysis

    While the man was on the road, he was beaten by robbers to the point where he could not get up and walk. While he was lying there, a priest passes him by without offering any help, and so did a Levite. Jesus seemed to have been challenging the religiousness of the two religious groups, by implying that they put their righteousness rituals before the well-being of others who they are supposed to love. The specific implications were that the priest and the Levite were unwilling to become unclean…

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  • Middle Eastern Campaign/Palestine Campaign Analysis

    “At a mile distant their thousand hooves were stuttering thunder, coming at a rate that frightened a man - they were an awe inspiring sight, galloping through the red haze - knee to knee and horse to horse - the dying sun glinting on the bayonet points…” Trooper Ion Idriess. Ultimately, Australians in the Middle East fought against the Ottoman Empire being able to move freely and quickly, however, the conditions were completely different from the muddy and stagnating Western Front. The Middle…

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  • It Happened One Night Film Analysis

    A young upper class woman, Ellie Andrews, and a newspaper reporter, Peter Warne, unexpectedly fall in love in Frank Capra’s 1934 film. The film explores the idea of relationships formed around the concept of class all while set in the Great Depression. The Production Code idealized American for the sake of the upkeep of morality according to those in favor of censorship. In Capra’s film ideal America cracks with screwball humor, pointing out the absurdity of grown adults behaving in such a…

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  • Adversity: Why Do People Become Resilient?

    There are many methods people use to gain resilience, and there are many reasons why people cannot, but one reason why people never become resilient is because they live a life with unsupportive or detrimental parents. Elizabeth from the short story “Jericho” by Margaret Price and the boy from “Untitled” by Anonymous are key examples of this idea. This principle is also supported through the opposite scenario: When parents are supportive towards their children, the children tend to be resilient.…

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  • Tiglathpileser: The Assyrian Empire

    Tiglathpileser- 744-727 B.C.E., created a core army of professional soldiers and most formidable subject peoples, at it’s peak the Assyrian state could have mobilized half a million troops, with bowmen, slingers, armored spearmen, cavalry with spears or bows and four person chariots (76) Significance- Tiglathpileser created a radical new military strategy for the time that helped bring the empire to it’s peak. Instead of farmers or joining the army for land compensation or slaves that were…

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  • Paleolithic Hunting History

    Hunting was a very important element of survival because the animals were the main source of gathering food and materials. However, in different periods and locations, hunting meant differently. In the Paleolithic era, survival was the priority, but the weapons and tools were all made from stones which resulted hunting was extremely hard and dangerous. In the dark caves, Paleolithic artists recorded the scenes of hunting by painting. Hall of Bulls, discovered in Lascaux, France is one of the…

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