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  • Disadvantages Of Written Communication

    “Writing, the art of communicating thoughts to the mind through the eye, is the greatest invention of the world...enabling us to converse with the dead, the absent, and the unborn, at all distances of time and space” Abraham Lincoln. Without written communication, we wouldn 't have things such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Star Spangled Banner, or even the Bible. Imagine a world without those important artifacts of history. The world would be in a complete mess!…

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  • The Concept Of Self-Disclosure

    The guiding assumption of this paper is that expressing oneself through written or verbal modes of communication has a positive impact on the well being of a person. Expressions help people understand their experiences and in turn themselves in a better way. Studies have revealed that it is beneficial for people to have some understanding and awareness of their thoughts and feelings. For most people, the medium of expression is language – written or verbal. The process of constructing stories is…

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  • My Self-Reflective Writing Class

    My second semester in and I was already asking myself if I was sure I was ready for this. Was I sure I could take a writing class and succeed? Why was I taking a writing class? Was it just because I had to take it, as a requirement? Yet, here I am with only a matter of days left, and I have survived! I’m not going to become a journalist, or write a novel. But the truth is, we all need to know how to effectively write. Whether it’s a resume for after graduation, or a letter of recommendation for…

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  • Reflection On Instructional Strategies Applied By The Candidate

    Part II: Instructional Strategies Applied by the Candidate 1. Briefly describe the instructional goals that formed the basis of your interaction with ‘your’ ELL student(s), as well as each learning activity that served as the vehicle for meeting those goals. Note whether ELL students were participating in the same learning activity as their non-ELL peers, or if they were working on an ‘adapted’ activity. My goal for the interaction with the ELL student was to help Ville to participate more with…

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  • My Self Awareness Papers

    are important for each student to know. The way I have always taken notes is The Outlining Method. Using the method made reading and studying my notes easier than any other method. I learned how to write my notes this way during early elementary. Writing notes can effect on how we do on a quiz or test; therefore, it is important to always to write down good…

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  • English Class Essay

    reading and writing, I read in my free time and like to write. However as I’ve begun to take harder classes, gotten a job and been playing tennis, my free time has decreased and I haven’t written or read much. In previous years, including last year, I have written poems, short stories and read entire serieses in my free time. This may make it seem as though english should be my favorite subject but it is not. I like literacy, not english class, we do to much strict structure writing for it to be…

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  • Kingship In History

    no other medium has had such a prodigious impact on the recollection of history and societal structure and formulation than writing. When it was first introduced, it was clear that people could grasp its value, thus they took the necessary steps to grind through the process of developing it into a usable mechanism upon which to benefit their livelihood. In essence, writing was the catalyst that caused normal people groups to not only become civilizations with laws and governance, but also…

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  • Micah Pistillo-Personal Narrative Essay

    I immediately started doubting my abilities, and became very nervous. It was too late now, there was no way out of the room and the instructor had already began writing the prompt on the board. I silently read the board, “Write about a dramatic event that forever changed a family.” Fifteen minutes had gone by and I stared at my blank paper in disbelief. I had wasted one third of the allotted time and felt ashamed…

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  • Reflection In College English Class

    class is a requirement for all those seeking a degree. Not only did I learn how to think of subjects and topics more objectively, but I learned a multitude of different modes and strategies I can employ in my writing. Before taking this class, I had most only…

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  • Revenge Of The Text

    information, often by way of what Flusser terms ‘black boxes’ (Flusser, “The Future of Writing, 67). He feels that having such powerful technology at our fingertips, with laptops, tablets, “apps” and social media networks, opens up endless possibilities for people as writers and we should, as a result, question our positions, as well as think about the changes to the “what” and “how” of the things we’re writing… “The writer’s role is being significantly…

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