Importance Of Under The Influence In Writing

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Throughout this course I feel that it definitely kept my interest way more than I thought it would. In high school, I would simply not do my reports or papers. I have never enjoyed or found writing the bit interesting. Ever. I don’t know what it is about writing that I honestly just really do not enjoy. I think it may have something to do with how much you actually have to think and compose. I have done well in courses like Mathematics solely because you put an input, and automatically have an output. Also, with whatever your answer may be, you can go back and check to see if it is correct or wrong. In writing there is not much of an right or wrong answer; There is right and wrong grammar and punctuation, but not really a right or wrong opinion. I feel that this is one of the main reasons I have always struggled in writing. In life I am a pleaser, I like people to be pleased with me and what I do. With writing, you write and it goes out to an audience that some people may love what is in front of them and be very pleased, and others displeased and unhappy with what is in front of them. There are always going to be different people, and I always like to find a topic that I feel more people than less can relate on and like. …show more content…
Since I genuinely connected with the author I didn’t have to push through or fluff what I was saying as much as I normally would in a paper. At first when I saw what kind of project it was I was not thrilled and honestly did not look forward to doing the project, but once I starting skimming the pages of the book I stopped being so closed minded and began to read and try to relate to one of these stories. It was a lot easier than what I was making it out to be. I feel that in this course I learned that you just have to keep on writing. Which I’m sure my professor Scott quoted in many of his letters to not only me but I’m sure my fellow

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