Writing And Culture

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Although every culture is unique in it’s own way, there is something that unites every culture together: Self expression allows for cultural unity amongst diverse groups of people. This may be seen in many different forms such as dance, art, oral language or writing. Whatever it may be, things such as writing have the power to unite different cultures from even the most remote parts of the world. Writing has been modified through centuries, and today, is something that has become a very useful tool that has greatly changed our methods and ways of life. Having an oral language helps establish the basis for a written language. Written language has evolved since it’s creation. It can unite many, since just about everyone has their own form …show more content…
A big reason for this is because the advancement of technology. Things have drastically changed from the times that our teachers’ went to school, even from the point that I started my school career until now. The physical action of writing is no longer seen very often due to these technological advancements. Notes don’t have to be taken on paper, essay’s no longer have to be handwritten. Many things that had to be written down before no longer have to be. Schools are now looking to advance technology to the point where minimal to no writing will be required. This is even seen in elementary schools, not only in high schools and universities. School’s have gone completely paperless and have resorted to doing daily tasks on various forms of electronic devices.. Schools now set aside their budget money to buy in class electronics for their students. Things such as tests and scantrons are no longer necessary. Even as far as to say, showing up to classes will no longer be necessary due to how advanced technology is.. The needs for teachers, and even schools will no longer be necessary since everything will be accessible via internet. So much technology use is causing for loss in students’ calligraphy and writing skills. The need to know how to properly spell or use a sentence is no longer necessary, since technology can do it for you.Different forms of writing such as novels, textbooks, etc. will no longer be needed. With almost every book available via internet, the necessity to print books will no longer be necessary. Gutenberg 's press, the machine that was known at one point to have changed the world, is no longer

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