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  • The Medium Is The Message By Marshall Mcluhan

    he explains his views on the transition from verbal communication to writing words down on a paper, and also the constant advancement of technology. McLuhan proposed that writing words on a paper led to inventions such as book, roads and more. At the same time, writing caused Western society to live in a world of invisible lines. He emphasized that alphabet had no true meaning until lines were added to it. Also that before writing the world had no restrictions. McLuhan hypothesized that this…

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  • The Importance Of Professional Writing

    first step is focusing; the more you know about the subject the writing will be enhanced as his or her writing develops; the author ought to be passionate about the subject when writing about the topic. The second is more geared towards research, gathering information about the topic the author wishes to convey. The third step is smoothing out the topic, making it more substantial towards the audience. Undergraduates, see writing resembling reading a manual for beginners when understanding a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Partnership With Mikel

    though he was my actual student; and second, I would teach him if he was my child. In every other assignment up to this writing assessment, I felt like a teacher. I was the one prepared with the questions, activities, and lesson plan, ready to guide Mikel through instructional learning. All he had to do was follow my lead. As I prepared to give Mikel directions for our writing activity, we had a terrific start. Mikel shared that his last name contains an r-controlled vowel. So, it was a joyous…

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  • Analysis Of The Red Tree By Shaun Tan

    The Red Tree (Shaun Tan, 2001) is a children’s picture book that is both written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The Red Tree is a book about depression, despair and ultimately, hope. The book follows a girl struggling with depression who, at the end of the book, finds hope in the form of a red tree. For a picture book to be successful, both the illustrations and written text generally can exist independently, but complement each other. There is a strong marriage between the written and visual…

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  • My History As A Writer Essay

    My History As A Writer Throughout my lifetime I have come to love and absolutely hate writing. The reasoning of the assignment or topic has a lot to do with my affinity and disgust. Although learning new things, like writing, was something that I loved doing in elementary school, that all changed when it was daily implemented. As an art form I recently come to love writing down my thoughts, ideas, opinions and stories. A struggle for me while attempting to write an essay or report is grammar.…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay-Personal Narrative

    When I look back at my writing experiences my memories are full of sweaty palms and anxiety attacks. Writing has never been a strong suit, I remember in fourth grade having to write a book, hand written with illustrations, my nightmare. In college my professor told me that my writing was so bad I would make a terrible teacher. Reading is a little more enjoyable than writing, I like reading books before I see the film version of the story. I am a mother now and I do not want my son to face the…

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  • Special Collections Visit

    previously written around the writing, as seen in scribal culture, is what elongates the continuity of the scriptoria tradition of commentary and discussion through margins. Although the book itself has less value because it is a copy unlike a handwritten parchment, the marginalia by the owner imbues the idea of writing down opinions, thoughts, and interpretations, similar to monks who would comment their interpretations on bible translations in the form of a block around the writing, showing…

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  • Human Language And Language's Role In Human Communication

    Language plays an instrumental role when it comes to human communication as it ensures the accomplishment of numerous activities. Notably, language makes sure that a consensus is reached whenever people communicate as the information being relayed is comprehended in an easy manner. If language did not exist life would be cumbersome as an agreement would not be realized and this would be disastrous (Formigari, 2004). Apparently, the ultimate origin of human language has not yet been decided as a…

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  • The Ordinary Devoted Mother Analysis

    Mother” illustrates the hardships that Bechdel faces in both writing the memoir and her everyday life revolving around writing. As we see her writing this memoir, we also see the things that impact her such as her interest in psychoanalysis and dreams. As Bechdel puts it, “You can’t live and write at the same time” (79). This quote is very important as the reader follows along Bechdel’s story and see’s the hardships she faces when writing. The beginning of the work gives the reader some outline…

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  • Bubble Maps

    graphic organizers to help develop writing skills in science” (Lott and Read, 46). This quote from the article really seems to sum up what the article was about because children have so many opportunities to use mapping to make their writing better, especially since there are so many different types of mapping. The purpose of this article is to inform teachers how to implement mapping in the classroom for students to learn how to organize and improve their writing skills. The article went in…

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