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  • Frog Sashimi Research Paper

    Frog Sashimi: A bizarre dish Japanese are known for their culture in eating fresh or raw foods. Some restaurants in Tokyo, Japan want to introduce and promote fresh and unusual dishes to draw in some Japanese and tourists visiting in their place. So a video of a woman went viral because she is eating a live frog sashimi in one of the restaurant in Tokyo. Many people are against in that concept and commented harsh words but they did not realize they also killed and eat meats to satisfy their…

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  • Country Analysis Of Japan

    In March, 2011, Japan has suffered in one of the most intensive earthquakes in its history (CIA, 2016). This earthquake was killed thousands of Japanese and erased billions of dollars in assets. Again, the Japanese people are never give up to the natural catastrophe. Prime Minister ABE has worked diligently to rebuild his country by requested Japanese people need to be united and worked together during the difficult time in its history. As a result, in the December, 2012, Japan was recovered…

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  • Japanese American Interview Paper

    studying how they are understood by a certain cultural group. I chose Japanese Americans because Japan and America have very contrasting views and distinct understanding on the LGBT community in society. With this, my audience based research question was the following: how are Mitch and Cam understood by the Japanese American community? To answer the question I created, I chose to interview one of my friends, Mira. Mira is half Japanese and half French. She was born in Paris but lived most of…

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  • Matsuo Basho Analysis

    People set forth on a new journey for exploring unknowns, and a journey could always help them in knowing what they want inwardly. François Villon and Matsuo Bashō have gained tremendous inspirations while travelling/exiling, and both of them hope to be free spiritually. However, they do have various different altitudes since they are from different cultures and have different religious beliefs. But to some extent, Villon and Bashō have the same value towards death. From François Villon’s poems,…

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  • Fiji Research Paper

    Fiji Did you know that on the movie Grown Ups the movie with Adam Sandler when they are at the restaurant his son asks for a Voss or a Fiji water ? Fiji water is a fancy water from Fiji. This paper will discuss Fiji ; its main food components , delicacies , religion , and manufacturing. Fiji has many food components in their dishes here are a few of them . Coconut is used in kokodo and palusami . Fish is used in lovo , kokodo , and palusami . Rice is in madrasi masala dosa . Taro root and…

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  • Shark Clan Short Story

    at their center of operations, deactivating the communication system, and to capture or kill the leader of the Shark Clan. We had several months of planning, creating, training and observing the Shark Clan. Toyotomi had observed the shipments of cargo. He discovered a pattern between each shipment. Every other Friday, a cargo truck came into Deeptown to provide the Shark Clan with…

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  • Essay On Shinto Religion

    and its ancient past. Shinto has many beliefs, including the myths that explain how the world and everything else was created. It was first practiced in the 6th century B.C.E. Shinto doesn’t have a founder, an official sacred text, nor a formalized system of doctrine. Shinto is also known as “the way of Kami”—belief in Kami is a foundation of Shinto. To believe in Kami is to believe in sacred/divine beings. Kami isn’t limited to just spiritual beings, but also in nature, such as rivers, trees,…

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  • The Importance Of Being Asian-American

    During the 1900’s, Japan and America were at war with each other causing many Americans to join the military. Japanese citizens were classified as “enemy aliens” because of the sudden and brutal bombing of Pearl Harbor and were sent in live in remote internment camps for two years. Building upon this initial event, the novel No-No Boy reflects on the effects of the Second World War on Japanese-Americans and how their lives were challenged with the uncertainty of their identity and the reality of…

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  • Organizational Analysis: Museum Of Contemporary Art

    understanding or guideline on their collection of works. With the field trips into Los Angeles the two museums, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) both play an important role in the city. MOCA is a Museum for contemporary art, or a institutional major artwork and JANM an ethnical museum for Japanese Americans located in Little Tokyo. MOCA is a Museum set to question…

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  • Comparison Between Bamboo Sushi Bar And Hibachi Express

    the same type of atmosphere indoors. Both the buildings share the same type of casual dining. Any attire can fit the occasion for visiting Bamboo. Bamboo’s theme consists of sports memorabilia and traditional Japanese décor, such as posters and signs with Japanese writing. Along with the Japanese décor, there are many sports teams merchandise plastered along the walls.…

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