Personal Reflective Essay-Personal Narrative

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When I look back at my writing experiences my memories are full of sweaty palms and anxiety attacks. Writing has never been a strong suit, I remember in fourth grade having to write a book, hand written with illustrations, my nightmare. In college my professor told me that my writing was so bad I would make a terrible teacher. Reading is a little more enjoyable than writing, I like reading books before I see the film version of the story. I am a mother now and I do not want my son to face the same fears and anxiety.
My earliest memories of putting pencil to paper cause my stomach to churn, whether I am writing a short story, poems or essays I always panic a little. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Fry was teaching us about copy write and publications. I remember having to write and illustrate a story. I had anxiety with the thought of having to share the story with my class and I remember struggling with what to even write. The story was an adventure at the zoo and all the experiences that went along with the trip. I still have the book and when I read over it even though I see mistakes I still feel the anxiety I had felt when reading the story to my class mates. I still remember writing the story and learning the writing process. In middle school I remember kids snickering at the poem book I
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Learning from my knowledge of my weaknesses will allow me to become a better writer. Although leisure reading has taken a back burner 뻊use my schedule doesn’t allow for anything that is for entertainment purposes but reading for work or even for academics is important to understand tasks and what I need to know to become successful in my education or career. Teaching my son to be a confident and strong reader and writer is important so he becomes successful and confident in his

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