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  • Case Study: Nikon Corporation

    binoculars, microscopes and many more. The company runs in four sections with one being imaging products, and the rest being precision equipment, instruments, and others (Market Publishers, 2015) The corporation’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan (Nikon Corporation, 2011) In the year 1917 three leading optical manufacturers joined together and formed a wide-ranging, fully integrated optical corporation called Nippon Kōgaku Tōkyō K.K (Nikon Corporation, 2014). In 1988, the company’s name…

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  • Japanese History: A Historical Analysis

    not to hold back on the history that is taught to the young people of a nation, because we are taught history to both understand how we got to the state that we are now in as a country and how we can prevent repetition of horrific historical events. Japan and China are known for finding cleaver ways to hide, disguise, and/or protect specific historical events from becoming common knowledge within the respective country because the lack of pride that may stem from any one event. Japanese history…

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  • Comparing Japan's Language Policies In Iceland And Japan

    internally and externally, which especially in Japan has resulted in language planning and policy being slow to respond to changes (Gottlieb 2008; Hilmarsson-Dunn 2006). In Iceland, long traditions in lexical purism have affected the official language policies, but in recent years, the focus has shifted more towards ensuring Icelandic’s status at the national language in the country against the forces of English (Hilmarsson-Dunn & Kristinsson 2010). In Japan, on the other hand, Japanese is a…

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  • Literacy In Korea

    Literacy has broader implications of the word than the definition in the dictionary. The reason why I recalled the moment of a middle school class in Korea is also related to impacts of literacy. That is because backgrounds and experiences of a person determine literacy of the person. Since I learned shallow definition of English words in Korea, sometimes I misunderstand lectures. These kinds of situations might be seen as one of 'literacy events ' due to different backgrounds. "Literacy…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Kyoto Protocol

    There hasn’t yet exactly been an effective collective state response when responding to the issue, there have been numerous treaties and long-term endeavors proposed, however, a lack of progress continues for many countries around the globe, especially for China and the United States. Individuals, businesses and the governments of various nations are forthcoming ways to respond to the issue, however, there have been considerable setbacks and other conflicts down the line. A prime example would…

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  • Why Did Japan Grow So Fast Essay

    high as Western incomes and seven times as high as Chinese incomes. What make Japan growth so fast ? Revolution of Japan’s is faster than China which government still rule by impartial and the China revolution still slow. Japan revolution in human and social capital while china still struggle with the both issue. In addition, nationalism of Japan were going to target foreign market earlier and this is the reason Japan walk ahead than china about a hundred year earlier. Another issue is that…

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  • East Asia Case Study

    as a bringing together compel. Premise 3, the formation of ASEAN+3, a strong East Asian multilateralism post-Asian Financial Crisis demonstrated the autonomy of the region, with the development of ASEAN+3, a cooperative forum between South Korea, Japan and…

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  • Nonverbal Communication In Japanese Culture

    this research, I will be discussing about the Japanese kinesics and Japan's cultural modality including the explanation of their common signs and gestures. Finally, on the latter part of this study will be a comparison of the mode of communication of Japan…

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  • The Samurai's Role In Early Japan

    battling for land and power in Japan. They became their own class just before the start of the 10th century and were known by two names, one of them was samurai and the other bushi. No matter what name they went by, total loyalty was given to whomever they served and in return, the samurai received a stipend, land, and higher positions of power within his area. The Japanese samurai became a versatile class of warriors who guided their Emperors and families in Japan for hundreds of years. The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Destructive Nuclear Weapon In Japan

    It feels as though I have been in Japan for so much longer than a week and a half! Trying to remember back to when we were in Hiroshima seems like forever ago. We stayed in central Hiroshima for 2 nights, and we managed to fit in most of the tourist activities. On our first night we headed to a famous shopping road called... there you can find bars, restaurants, shops, arcades and even Kareoke booths. The arcades are incredible and one of the most bizarre places that I've ever been to. There…

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