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  • Aguilla Japona Research Paper

    Endangered eel: Anguilla Japonica Anguilla Japonica, most commonly known as the Japanese eel is classified as an endangered species whose habitat surrounds the coasts of Japan. Based on various credited sources, an analysis was performed in order to determine the likelihood of this eel to go extinct. Biological components and statistical data were taken into account and based on the observed results, it is logical to hypothesize that within a span of years this eel can go extinct. Nonetheless, various conservation strategies can be put into practice with the goal of saving this endangered species. In order to understand the reasons as to why this specie is endangered, it is necessary to first know about its physical appearance and biological…

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  • Electric Fish Essay

    Many people may ask the question: why study such an exotic sensory system such as the electrosensation in electric fish? Could it be because of the natural curiosity that we as human’s exhibit, or maybe because we are intrigued by the various morphological and physiological adaptations that are seen across a plethora of environments? Well, more evolved organisms have achieved their higher traits not from new mechanisms that spontaneously appeared, but from old mechanisms that they share with…

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  • 2. What Is The Point Behind The Stories During Sone

    reside as a family. 2) How did the author 's education reflect her being torn between two cultures? Being born in the United States and being forced to assimilate into two different world, the young child (the author) became confused and resentful, having to go to a Japanese (secondary)…

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  • Essay About Mission Trip

    main reason was that all years that ORU has gone to Japan only one or "0" people get saved experience healing or miracles. I dint wanted to be part of a missions trip were none gets saved! Many factors play a huge role on this -- Japan it’s a well off nation economically and physically. The main religion is Buddhism in order for someone to become a Christian it takes at least 2-3 years. They want to make sure that Christianity is the “right religion” Also a Buddhism converted to Christianity…

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  • Japanese Economy Research Paper

    Japanese companies are making their companies learn and speak in English so that they could trade more easily with other countries. English is one of the top widely spoken languages in the world so it would make sense that the Japanese companies want a common language to speak with. Why English Matters said, “If you don 't globalize we will shrink further, using English as a common language is very key you can 't just do without it” (1:00-1:10), “In these days it 's not uncommon to use English…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life In The Police School

    A smart high school student accidentally found a black note. The note was a note of the devil which the devil used to kill people. If someone wrote another person’s name in the note, the person would die. The student decided to kill every criminal to change the world much safely. The rate of crime in Japan started to decrease sharply, and Japanese people started to call him as a hero. At the other hand, Japanese police decided to hire the most popular detective to arrest him. The comic is a…

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  • Frog Sashimi Research Paper

    Frog Sashimi: A bizarre dish Japanese are known for their culture in eating fresh or raw foods. Some restaurants in Tokyo, Japan want to introduce and promote fresh and unusual dishes to draw in some Japanese and tourists visiting in their place. So a video of a woman went viral because she is eating a live frog sashimi in one of the restaurant in Tokyo. Many people are against in that concept and commented harsh words but they did not realize they also killed and eat meats to satisfy their…

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  • Country Analysis Of Japan

    The land of the nation consists mostly of islands and resides mostly on the volcano regions. Therefore, earthquakes and Tsunamis are the most natural disasters that regularly threaten Japan. In March, 2011, Japan has suffered in one of the most intensive earthquakes in its history (CIA, 2016). This earthquake was killed thousands of Japanese and erased billions of dollars in assets. Again, the Japanese people are never give up to the natural catastrophe. Prime Minister ABE has worked…

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  • Japanese American Interview Paper

    many research studies on the topic of LGBT characters in media, but I decided to make my study unique by studying how they are understood by a certain cultural group. I chose Japanese Americans because Japan and America have very contrasting views and distinct understanding on the LGBT community in society. With this, my audience based research question was the following: how are Mitch and Cam understood by the Japanese American community? To answer the question I created, I chose to interview…

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  • Matsuo Basho Analysis

    haiku filled with the idea of Mujōkan. The idea of Mujōkan is come of Buddhism, and it has finally become a unique idea in Japan. Mujō means that everything is changing and nothing is eternal. However, Japanese people view the transience as a treasure. According to Munesuke Mita, some common symbols of Mujōkan in literatures would be anything that is passing away, flowing away, and going away. (Mita,118) Mita also refers that the awareness of the uncertain nature of the future is a common…

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