Lolita Fashion Essay

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Clothing – Lolita Fashion Lolita Fashion is fashion sub culture which is based on the Victorian era of clothing, this fashion movement came out during the 90s in Japan as a form of radical street style, with the taste for the Hello Kitty cuteness like a doll with head gear, make up, ribbon & frilly skirt and lace. Lolita fashion is believed to be partly created as a movement against this growing trend. Followers of this fashion movement simply like to express themselves using the terms of cute and elegant rather than the usage of the term “sexy”. (This is commonly associated with woman in fashion.) With the Lolita dress a woman looks like child or doll. It express the more girly side with its eye popping candy corn and cupcake shaped knee length …show more content…
Harajuku is the place where few of the Lolita sub style types originated. Gothic Lolita Gothic Lolita originated in Harjuku during the 90s. Often called as Gothloli. It is a mixture of Lolita fashion with Gothic. The dark makeup and the dark clothing are the elements use to characterize Gothic Lolita. The defining characteristics of this style are the red lipsticks and smoky or neatly defined eyes that are created using black eyeliner. Sweet Lolita The Victorian and Edwardian influenced clothing known as Sweet Lolita which is also referred as Ama Loli in Japanese focuses on fantasy view of Lolita. The pink, peach or pearl make ups are common throughout and are highly sweet and used by many sweet Lolita’s. Pink, red lips tick is commonly paired with this as well. Lice in Wonderland, candy classic fairy tales are common references to the sweet Lolita theme. Punk Lolita Punk Lolita emerged by adding the punk fashion elements to Lolita fashion. There are some punk items like screen printed fabrics tattered fabric, safety pins and chains, ties, and plaid can be seen in the Punk Lolita. And Jumper skirts were worn. And used footwear like boots and oxford with

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