Analysis Of My Individualism, By Souseki Natsume

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“I was considering always in my room of the lodging house and besides, felt that it is vain to try. Because reading a lot of books doesn’t indulge my appetite actually, then, I gave it up. At the same time, gradually I couldn’t catch the meaning even myself that what I read the books so much for.” Souseki Natsume wrote this in his essay ‘My individualism’, which retrospect the prehistory of shaping ‘A theory of literature’ and it was the description when he was studying abroad in England in loneliness. He said more that “This time I just realized that there is no way to help myself without building up radically the idea all alone that what a literature is”, “If even western people said that this is a great poetry, has excellent rhythm with due regard, I never should accept it without true sympathies of mine actually, because it must be just their opinion about, though it might be a reference for me a bit. …show more content…
In Japan, he is often admitted the greatest writer in modern Japanese history. He has had a profound effect on almost all of important Japanese writers

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