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  • Corporate Sustainability Case Study

    more common, global companies are facing some challenges such as building trust in the globalization of business. The keys to building trust between global customers and global companies are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Sustainability (CS). CSR and CS exist for "all the members of society" (Wilson, 2003) not only for stakeholders. Therefore, it is vital to consider the management of CSR/CS strategies for corporate sustainability globally. In Japan, although many companies promote CSR/CS in their way, it depends on the companies what they do for CSR/CS. One of the reasons for this is that the definition of CSR/CS is swinging and the standards of CSR/CS depends on the companies.…

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  • Post Mao China Case Study

    process by stepping up the volume of foreign trade by opening up its markets, especially the purchase of machinery from Japan and the West. By participating in such export-led growth, China was able to speed up its economic development through foreign investment, a more open market, access to advanced technologies, and management experience. However, this freedom did not come easily. Deng…

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  • Arobots: A Comparative Analysis

    International Federation of Robotics, robotic sale rises dramatically every year except 2009 when Tsunami seriouslyoccurred in Japan whichinfluenced the economy (Chen&Dong 2013).The term autonomous robots can be defined as robots that perform behaviors or tasks with a high degree of autonomy, which are particularly desirable in fields such as space exploration, housing services, water pollution treatment and transferring goods or services. There is no doubt that these robots would actually bring…

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  • Confederation Vs Federalism

    Every state was working individually therefore Congress could not regulate trade, which resulted in the economic chaos of mid 1780s. Commerce policy varied throughout states with some states adopting barriers that were conflicting to other states. There was no single form of currency that meant states could also print money therefore trade between states became much less efficient. The laws and taxes also varied across states. Such lack of economic unity and Congress’ failure to regulate the…

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  • Advantages Of Unitary Government

    The United States has always gone by a federal system of government where there are two tiers: state and national. Americans have always believed this is the best way to run a nation however, it can be proven that a unitary government can work just as well if not better. There is a trend in statistics of federal and unitary governments that proves the overall health of a nation is higher in a unitary government. These factors include life expectancy, infant mortality, and access to drinking…

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  • Government Interest Groups

    Interest groups exist in order to protect the people within their groups in many ways including through influencing governments. These groups exist for everything from aboriginal issues, to peace, and women’s issues. Within the concept of “interest groups”, they are split up into categories:“economic” or “non-economic”. Economic groups work for professional or personal gain, compared to groups that instead focus solely on goods that help society as a whole rather than individual people. Some…

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  • Unitary System Of Government Essay

    The United States remains one of the most influential countries in the world due to its governmental structure. This is because America’s federal government ensures distribution of power with checks and balances in order to preserve equality. Federalism, however, is not the best government system for the United States. Although a federal government or Unitary government may seem plausible, a Confederate government is best suited for America because it ensures fortified units/states, encourages…

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  • The Articles Of Confederation And New Federalism In The United States

    some powers under the articles of confederation were taken away and given to the federal government. (American Government page 124, 125, 127) Over the year’s criticism of the expansion of the federal government and cooperative federalism led to conservatives wanting some control given back to its states. Conservative support of state rights was envisioned mainly as a check on the expansion of the national governments control on domestic affairs. Therefore, the New Federalism policy was created…

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  • Advantages Of Federalism In The Philippines

    The research paper aims to provide knowledge for the readers, especially Filipinos, about the advantages and disadvantages in shifting into a Federal type of government. As early as now the citizens of the country should know about the possible impacts of Federalism in the country. The decision in shifting into a new type of government is not solely based on the government officials alone but also the people of the country. The insights of the Filipinos are considered because the change in the…

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  • Direct Democracy And A Government: A Form Of Government

    "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." (James Madison). Many historians would recognize this quote from the famous James Madison, however if humans were angels would they not need a government? It seems that even angels have a form of leadership, which is basically what government is, a form of control or direction. Despite whether or not angels need government, humans need a form of government to maintain order. Two types of government that have had a major impact on history,…

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