Unitary System Of Government Essay

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The United States remains one of the most influential countries in the world due to its governmental structure. This is because America’s federal government ensures distribution of power with checks and balances in order to preserve equality. Federalism, however, is not the best government system for the United States. Although a federal government or Unitary government may seem plausible, a Confederate government is best suited for America because it ensures fortified units/states, encourages nationwide cooperation, and establishes equality on all levels.
A federalist government is characterized by a strong national government working with local governments. Contrary to popular belief, America’s achievements, such as the advancing human rights,
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Skyline College defines, “One central government controls weaker states” ("Federal, Unitary & Confederate Government Systems"). From this, unitary systems limit state power, and thus enabling corruption and tyranny. Moreover, it further limits state powers. Sacramento State explains, “In a unitary system—such as the United Kingdom—one would have to apply to the national government or a local jurisdiction acting as an agent of the national government” (Sacramento State University). Here, local issues are solved slowly, hindering respective states. Efficiency in solving dilemmas is essential within countries as problems frequently arise. This undermines the purpose of having a unitary government system. In addition, the United States today simply cannot implement such a system with its circumstance. Boston University adds, “Whether a country becomes unitary or federal depends partly on a country’s colonial heritage, its size and heterogeneity, and on patterns of government that obtain in a regional or historical context” (Gerring). A unitary system would be beneficial to countries with smaller area. However, America is currently one of the largest superpowers in the world with a vast size―a unitary system will not be able to focus on each state or its

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