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  • East Asian History Course Analysis

    Throughout this course we have not only gained factual knowledge about East Asia but also a framework that we can use to understand other countries and cultures around the world. To consider ourselves global citizens, we must have an understanding of the world and the way it works. From learning about the history of East Asia, we now have a better understanding of why it works the way it does today, and that makes us less ethnocentric and more empathetic toward others. This course has allowed me…

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  • Relationship Between Portugal And Japan

    SLIDE 2: The first relationship between Portugal and Japan started in 1543. The first explorers were Portuguese traders António Mota, Francisco Zeimoto and António Peixoto. When the Portuguese explorers arrived they landed in the southern archipelago of Japan. They were the first Europeans to discover Japan and established a relationship and trade with it. This was called the Nanban trade. The Portuguese and Japanese relationship and trade found the port of Nagasaki in 1571, through the deal of…

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  • Decolonization Of Japan

    India are prime examples of this. While most of these countries came under the control of those powers, Japan was pretty much able to control who came in and out of the country and this allowed them to remain independent. Japan was populated with many clans, which would mean any western power that wanted to colonize Japan, would have to deal with each individual clan. Another reason that Japan would be difficult to colonize could’ve been…

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  • Cultural Negotiation

    leadership structure verses the western horizontal-egalitarian leadership structure (Lewicki, J.R., Saunders, D., & Barry, B., 2011). Kelly is a Canadian citizen and employed as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) by the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) in Soto, Japan. A conflict occurs between Kelly and her Japanese supervisor, Mr. Higashi over the allocation of contractual leave entitlements. This discussion will address the development of the conflict between the JET staff and the…

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  • Diaoyu-Senkaku Island Dispute Analysis

    Realism As It Relates to the Diaoyu-Senkaku Island Dispute China and Japan; two of the most powerful countries in the world, clashing over 7 square kilometers of island space. While it may seem counterintuitive for two superpowers to fight over such a small amount of land, the reasons behind these actions are explicable by the Realist school of thought. The tensions at play here are occurring as a result of the inherent power struggle described by Realism, wherein actors are constantly…

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  • Auto Industry Environment

    economic challenges that have an impact on how well this industry succeeds or if it succeeds at all. While global competition may not seem like it would have such a huge impact on the American auto industry, it in fact does. For example let’s use Japans auto industry. The Japanese have used the American auto manufacturing models and enhanced them using technology as well as innovative methods of production. (“Global Automobile Industry,” 2014) This can lead to pressure being put on the U.S.…

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  • Dutch Art In China

    visual and material culture. My academic interests center on cross-cultural interactions during the early modern period manifested in visual and material culture. I am particularly interested in the relationship, fostered by trade, between China, Japan and the Netherlands. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, Dutch society experienced a dramatic transformation with the establishment of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Japanese Immigrants

    the first place, and what they do culturally both in and out of Japan. I will also be finding the similarities between Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese immigrants. Japanese immigrants migrated to the United States in search of peace and prosperity. Back in Japan these immigrants had an unstable homeland yet, in America they had a chance to work hard to provide a better life for their children and themselves. In the…

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  • Individuality In Japan

    good hour, fully naked (one of the requirements of onsen). Besides the obvious naked relationship we all shared, we delved into quite interesting topics ranging from sustainability and agriculture to individuality. I learned that the young people in Japan are changing from a culture of wa (harmony) to individuality. The progress of actualization and extent of this change, I do not know. What I can conclude is that the presence of hierarchy in the lives of the Japanese is definitely very strong.…

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  • China Pest Analysis Paper

    Politics When doing business in another country, it is very important to know and understand the politics, especially in a foreign country. There are four challenges in particular that stand out: 1. The North Korean nuclear threat 2. Japan–China tensions surrounding the Senkaku Islands. 3. The Japan and South Korea relations also further deteriorate after former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s visit to Takeshima. 4. Territory disputes over the East China Sea that has escalated…

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