Advantages Of Federalism In The Philippines

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The research paper aims to provide knowledge for the readers, especially Filipinos, about the advantages and disadvantages in shifting into a Federal type of government. As early as now the citizens of the country should know about the possible impacts of Federalism in the country. The decision in shifting into a new type of government is not solely based on the government officials alone but also the people of the country. The insights of the Filipinos are considered because the change in the type of government will not only affect the government but also the entire country. This will also explain the different implications to the different parts of the country, specifically the regions. This will enable the Filipinos to see whether federalism is the best option for the Philippines. The researchers seek to enlighten the readers and to help them consider the idea and see the probable future of the Philippines with a Federal type of government.
The researchers conducted interviews to further establish the points that were found during the research. They chose
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That each state must be willingly enough to adapt and to change their constitution according to a federal system and that the government, from the national to the regional, must be prepared and equipped enough in undergoing the transition period of changing the government system. For decentralization is highly dependent to the political will of the government and to the cooperation of the society (Rodriguez, n.d). Castillo (2011) also suggested the same apprehension regarding the shift of Philippines government system to a federal system. He said that the shift of the government system depends upon the people because it the people who would live under the new constitution. Their capability and resiliency to change would determine the success of shifting the government to a federal

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